Neurocore Has Been Utilizing Neurofeedback to Treat Mental Disorders

The brain is responsible for the body’s primary functioning including thinking, and processing information. Since time immemorial, scientists have been trying to gain an in-depth understanding of how the human brain functions. Research shows that the brain is made up of billions of neurons and the electrical activity within is regulated by the chemical signals within the brain. Neurocore is one of the companies that have been utilizing past knowledge of how the brain functions to find suitable treatment solutions to mental disorders such as depression, anxiety, ADHD, and ASD. Some of the treatment solutions that have been discovered over the years include brain mapping technologies, qEEG, and Neurofeedback. Neurotherapy is also known as neurofeedback. This is a treatment solution that entails training the brain to self-regulate by utilizing the brain’s electrical measurements thereby getting rid of unwanted brain activity. See more information about Neurocore at

Many people suffer from depression and it occurs in stages. Depression gets out of hand when you reach the level of clinical depression. The National Institute of Mental Health has been carrying out surveys and in 2016, the statistics showed that 10.3 million adults were suffering from clinical depression. Although you may fail to notice the symptoms of clinical depression, this type of depression is noticeable when you notice behavioral changes in your day to day life. Researchers have not yet discovered the causes of clinical depression, but assumptions showcase that it accrues from genetics, hormones, and the individual’s brain chemistry. If any of your friends are suffering from depression, you should help them out with immediate effect. Thanks to Neurotherapy, patients suffering from depression no longer have to be subjected to psychotherapy or antidepressants. To diagnose depression, scientists utilize EEG technology. Later on, they administer neurofeedback to their patients.


Neurocore was established in 2004. The company uses qEEG, EEG, and neurofeedback to treat mental disorders. The organization also has Brain Performance Centers that have proven to be beneficial to adults and children. Neurocore has also carved out a positive reputation for themselves throughout the fourteen years that the company has been operational. Neurocore helps patients battle depression through state-of-the-art technology. Follow Neurocore on Twitter.

Positives of a Dherbs Cleanse

Have you ever stopped to consider all of the potentially dangerous irritants that your body comes into contact with during the course of a normal day? Just think about all of the times you encounter pollutants such as smoke, household or commercial cleaning supplies, beauty products, unfiltered water or even processed foods. It is almost impossible to avoid these types of irritants.

However, did you know that you can rid your body of these harmful pollutants simply using a Dherbs cleanse? You can cleanse your body and its systems and organs to achieve optimal health benefits. In fact, a cleanse can positively affect everything from your complexion to your lungs to your colon. With such far-reaching benefits, why wouldn’t you use a cleanse to help your body reach its full potential? Learn more about Dherbs at

One positive benefit of a Dherbs cleanse is that it filters out all of the toxins in the body. This includes toxins that may be in your lungs, digestive system, circulatory system, kidneys, and even your bladder. In turn, you might find that your overall breathing improves and your blood circulation improves. Your body can expel waste while also maintaining vital nutrients your body needs to work well. Your body may even release extra weight.

Another positive benefit is increased energy levels. This is important if you are like most busy adults who are juggling the stressful demands of a family and a career. When your body is running at peak performance, you may have the energy you need to start exercising again, which brings even more positive benefits such as weight loss.

A positive effect you may not have considered when thinking about a cleanse actually takes place on the outside of your body. When you use a Dherbs cleanse to clean out the inside of the body, you will see a positive change when you look in the mirror. Your skin will benefit from a cleanse. You may notice that your complexion improves, which means you will gain self-confidence in addition to a healthier body.

Finally, some people even start to feel more positive about life when they use a cleanse. Imagine what feeling positive can do for your mental health! Furthermore, enhanced willpower and clear-mindedness can also be side effects. This can certainly help you in your career, your personal life or even in your ability to achieve goals. The benefits of a cleanse are simply endless!

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Jason Hope Sets Sights On Anti-Aging Revolution

As a futurist and one of the foremost voices in regards to the Internet of Thigns, there is an expectation surrounding Scottsdale-based businessman, Jason Hope. Hope has so often been on the forefront of the technological revolution that he is almost expected to help lead the charge. Hope has taken that expectation to heart and he has used it to fuel his enthusiasm for several incredibly promising sectors for today and into the future. Hope made headlines around the nation when he donated a smooth $500,000 to the SENS Research Foundation in order to support their efforts developing anti-aging therapy and treatment. Why is Hope fascinated by anti-aging research and what are his thoughts on the SENS Foundation? Let’s dig in!

Jason Hope came to prominence as a young entrepreneur when he began investing in the field of mobile communications. Jason Hope saw early on just how important the world of mobile tech was going to be and he placed himself in the right position in order to help engineer momentum within the industry by way of his tech startup, JAWA. Now, Hope is using the momentum from his early successes in order to push toward investing in fields that personally fulfill him and that means investing in the SENS Research Foundation via a generous donation.

The SENS Research Foundation has been in business since 2009. Over the years, the non-profit organization has focused extensively on developing and perfecting therapeutic treatments for some of the most common age-related illnesses known to man. From Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s to diabetes, the SENS Research Foundation is focused on addressing the very issues that plague our aging bodies. With all of that being said, Jason Hope came across the California-based organization while doing heavy research into the industry and after meeting the Chief Scientific Officer of the SENS Foundation, Dr. Aubrey De Grey, Hope was sold.

Hope’s massive donation immediately went toward kickstarting the SENS Research Facility’s focus on Arteriosclerosis, Arteriosclerosis is a serious problem in our elderly population as it results in the hardening of our arteries which takes a further toll on the rest of our system.

Renovia Inc. Generates $42.3 Million during Its Series B Financing

Marc Beer established Renovia Inc. with the aim of inventing efficient, and cost-friendly diagnostic tools used to manage a range of pelvic floor disorders.

Presently, the start-up has a product pipeline of diagnostic tools that train weakened pelvic floor muscles. Into the bargain, the start-up has advanced data management tools and apps that generate informed diagnostic assessments.


On August 2018, the start-up’s chairman and chief executive officer announced that they had acquired $42.3 million from their series B financing. $32.3 of the funds was in the form of equities, while the rest was in the form of venture debt.

The series B financing was supported by Cormorant Asset Management, a hedge fund that supports pooled investment schemes, and Inova Strategic Investments, a principal investor in the US’ healthcare industry. Moreover, the series B financing was supported by other principal investment firms like Western Technology Investment, Longwood Fund, and OSF Ventures. It was supervised by Perceptive Advisers, a consultancy firm that supports various innovations in the United States’ life sciences sector.


CEO Marc Beer Renovia divulged that he would use the funds to develop various diagnostic tools, as well as support the start-up’s clinical trials. Moreover, the healthcare start-up could use the funds to coordinate its upcoming commercial launches. Learn more:

“We are contented with financial back-up from leading healthcare investors. Our company looks forward to implementing medical solutions that would improve the lives of women living with various pelvic floor disorders,” said Marc Beer.

Renovia Incorporation has been serving millions of women living with urinary incontinence. Already, the start-up has developed an FDA-cleared device that restores the levator plate’s optimal function.


A Brief Overview of Marc Beer Renovia

Marc Beer Renovia partnered with Ramon Iglesias, and Yolanda Lorie to co-found Renovia Incorporation. The start-up cooperated with leading medical researchers to develop therapeutic and diagnostic tools that could be used to manage an array of pelvic floor disorders. Mr. Marc Beer has served United States’ life sciences sector for over 25 years. Before launching his start-up, he worked at ViaCell, Minerva Neurosciences Incorporation, and Genzyme. He is an active board member of Miami University Business Advisory Council.


Hyland’s Baby Oral Pain Relief Tablets

Hyland’s is one of the most trusted brands for children and has been around for a long time – over 100 years. It was founded in 1903 according to their LinkedIn page and their headquarters are located in California. Many families trust the products of the company for their children as they use natural ingredients with no added pollutants. Aside from providing care for babies, the brand tries to also educate mothers on raising their child and knowing what to do in every situation. Hyland’s sets out to make parenthood an exciting and rewarding experience. One of their new products is homeopathic Oral Pain Relief Tablets, which is to help out when babies have pain in their mouths. The product is used primarily for irritation in the mouth of the gums and to combat soreness. They are built to easily be taken by babies as they dissolve. Hyland’s Oral Pain Relief Tablets can be purchased via their website for $9.49 and they are made by natural ingredients and are homeopathic. This product is to be used primarily for babies under 6 months of age and from 6 months to 3 years. The Oral Pain medicine has received positive reviews for its results and in helping babies with pain. It can be onset or caused by teething as a baby is developing teeth for the very first time and teething is just a normal process in the development of a child’s life. Some of Hyland’s other medicine includes relief for the symptoms caused by the common cold, leg cramps, coughing, and upset stomach.


Hyland’s Oral Pain Relief Tablets


Hyland’s other products


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Hyland’s New Infant Oral Pain Relief


Hyland’s, based in over 100 years of research and experience, is releasing a new product for your little teething sweetheart.

No one likes it when their gums hurt, especially little babies. They don’t understand why it hurts, and they don’t know how to relieve themselves of the pain. It’s especially frustrating when they use their mouths to explore much of their world.

It’s also frustrating when parents go through many teething toys and other medications that just don’t seem to help their little one, or don’t want to use many of the common medications for fear of what it may do to their child.

That’s where Hyland’s Homeopathic tablets can come in. These small tablets dissolve instantly in your child’s mouth, so there is no fear of choking. Hyland’s Homeopathic pain relief for children has been studied and prepared with the strictest of dedication to exacting rules of safe preparation. Hyland’s products contain gentle recipes to soothe your little one, using natural ingredients.

Hyland’s is dedicated to serving your family, from the littles to their parents. Founded in 1903 in California, the company started as a pharmacy. By 1910, they expanded from a pharmacy into their own line of products, staying true to their homeopathic roots. Cecil Craig joined in 1923, managing the manufacturing of Hyland’s products. Holding true to the company’s family values, Cecil Craig developed the iconic pink aspirin for his own little girl. This was the introduction of a dissolving tablet on a larger scale for children, as many kids, such as Cecil Craig’s daughter, Marian, are typically unable to swallow normal pills.

This, of course, is leads up to their new products, the oral pain relief for small children and babies. It’s certainly safe to say that having Hyland in your home is not at all something you will regret. In fact, you and your family will very likely be grateful for them.

Paul Mampilly Proofed His Skills And Knowledge

Paul Mampilly is a scolar from Fordham University where he graduated in 1991. He was born in a poor background where people died because of starvation every day. His mother died when he was only three years. His dad worked at Bombay though he was still broke and later passed on when Paul Mampilly was 20. This did not stop him from studying since he was able to take himself to college. He managed to complete studies and went ahead to apply for a job in Dubai. He has demonstrated his leadership skills and as an influential force in the finance world. He worked as an assistant portfolio manager for bankers in Wall Street. He has excellent investing skills, and this made him continue building his profession in several employments in legal firms.

He took the leadership of hedge fund for Kinetics Assets Management, where he was entrusted to manage $6 billion. Paul Mampilly proofed skills and knowledge when he won a prominent competition that was held in Templeton Foundation. This award came when there was a lot of financial disaster in 2008 and 2009 thus creating confidence t people that his skills and abilities are incredible in the industry.

Paul Mampilly was able to turn $50 million to $88 million, therefore, winning this competition with about 75% gain. His paramount strong point comes when his investment emphasis on the large image. He always put his strengths to what he focuses on, and he does not back off any of his dealings. He is a very hardworking entrepreneur who is focused on his businesses.

His hard work and determination have made him the senior editor of Banyan Hill Publishing. Over a long period, he has gained enough experience and knowledge that has taken the internet by storm. He worked as a Senior Research Analyst for two years at ING Funds where he covered health care stocks. He always wanted to help people in investing their money, and this led him to start his newsletter. He had to leave Wall Street because he felt he did not support the majority of the people.

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David Zalik: GreenSky Credit is ready for IPO

Conventional wisdom throughout the tech world holds that companies should avoid going public for as long as possible. This is due to a number of primary considerations. However, one of the most important of these is the fact that tech companies are often very fragile, especially in their formative years. A company that is implementing a five-year strategy, which requires very particular steps to be taken and certain capital expenditures to be made, can quickly find itself ruined among the rocky shoals of quarterly performance imperatives

But that doesn’t mean that all recent tech startups are inappropriate candidates for going public. GreenSky Credit, a fintech lending firm that was established in 2006, is now considering going public. Even as the company’s critics vocally rail against its inabilities to safely go public, the company’s founder believes that the time is right to take the IPO plunge.

Simple organisms mature faster

It is a biological truism that the simpler an organism is, the faster it matures. A fruit fly may reach maturity within a day whereas a blue whale may take 30 years to separate from its mother. The same is true of businesses. Although complex organizations may seem more interesting and have certain advantages, in business, things being as simple as possible is usually the optimal state.

GreenSky Credit is an example of a business that has a very simple way of generating revenues. For this reason, the company was arguably mature just a few years after it was formed. The GreenSky Credit revenue model hasn’t changed much since 2008. This is one reason that David Zalik believes that the company is ready for an IPO.

And while there are many reasons why the company is unlikely to be negatively affected by an IPO, there are even more reasons why it may benefit hugely from one. For starters, some analysts have opined that GreenSky Credit may ultimately be valued at near the $10 billion mark, which would make it one of the richest IPOs in the history of the fintech space. All of these reasons have some investors chomping at the bit, waiting for Zalik to finally pull the IPO trigger.

Exciting Release – Herbalife’s New Iced Coffee

Herbalife, a nutrition company that sells protein and weight loss shakes recently began offering Iced Coffee within their list of products. The company began in 1980 when its founder, Mark Hughes started selling the shakes out of his car. In 2016, the company brought it over $4.88 billion in net sales with $260 million in net income. Since its start, Herbalife has grown to employ about 8,000 people worldwide and is considered a multi-level marketing company with 3.2 million independent distributors. Herbalife and their Independent Distributors are on a mission to provide solutions for poor nutrition, obesity, and the rising public health care costs. More info on the company can be sourced at the companies wiki page, here.


Herbalife recently entered the $38 billion dollar coffee industry with its new product, Mocha High Protein Iced Coffee. The product provides both your coffee and protein fix in one. Mocha High Protein Iced Coffee provides an option that is both low in sugar and calories while providing 15 grams of protein and 80 mg of caffeine per serving. All of this is offered in just 100 calories per serving with 2 grams of sugar and while not skimping on taste. Overall, the biggest difference seems to be that this product only has 2 grams of sugar compared to coffee house options that have more. It could provide a great way to start the day or a great afternoon recharge!


The Mocha High Protein Iced Coffee is easy to make, by just adding 2 scoops of the powder to water and shaking, then pour the drink over ice. The powder can be purchased from Herbalife at $38.50 for 14 servings in a 12-ounce bag. While the product is only available in Mocha currently, there are more flavors coming soon. You can learn more about this product release here.


Stream Energy

Stream Energy Company is among the best performing direct selling energy firms around the world. It is an internationally known company. Stream Energy enterprise was established in the year 2005. Its foundation was based on the idea of marketing energy products by use of word of mouth. The stream has maneuvered its way up by setting thousands of associates all over the country with the aim of acquiring and securing a unique spot in the overcrowded marketplace.

The company is popular for its great focus on ensuring that there is enough support for the clients and that they receive the best service and product deals ever. Stream Energy Firm has been in the forefront of offering exciting programs for its customer across all its enterprises.

Stream Energy also focuses on involving itself in charitable acts that are geared towards helping those in need. Recently, Stream was engaged in a philanthropy act to help those who were affected by Hurricane Harvey. Hurricane Harvey will remain to be remembered for destroying a lot of property. It left very many people homeless across Houston neighborhood. Harvey dropped as much as 56 inches of rainwater in the affected areas.

Companies, institutions and other organizations utilized their resources in fixing the victims of Hurricane Harvey. Stream Energy was among the most popular companies that extended their charitable hand. Stream company used the money it had made from sales to help the flood’s victim to recover their livelihoods. Stream firm directed its money to the recovery of the destroyed properties such as homes and other essentials.

Stream Energy launched a separate philanthropy branch that would be exclusively involved in philanthropy in the future. This was a move that was aimed at helping the firm to give back to the community while earning the loyalty and respect from its potential customers and the entire public.

The Dallas based company has cemented relationships with the Red Cross and Habitat for Humanity. Its employees and management have also been involved in small, local and grassroots funding. The employees play a very vital role when it comes to giving to the needy.