Oncotarget – A Medical Journal Seeking to Get a Disease Free Life

Oncotarget is a journal that was established in 2010 and deals in publishing medical materials. The materials cover all fields relating to oncology and beyond that. The papers close the gap between several specialties and bring various areas of biomedical science. The journal acknowledges papers on topics about Neuroscience, Metabolism, Cell Biology, Cardiology, all fields relating to Pharmacology, Endocrinology and many more. Their principal objective is having a life free of diseases. Oncotarget is fortunate to have prominent researchers with them who help scholars in contributing to the development of science. Check the journal at SCImago Journal & Country Rank.

The Committee on Publication Ethics affiliates and Oncotarget are affiliated with each other. They follow the principles of the committee. They publish papers on weekly premises to cater for the emerging importance, volume, impact and the quality of the challenges and papers. However, in case of a special case, the Journal can print paper or an issue regarding it at any time. Their articles are free to access by anybody.

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Andrei V. Gudkov and Mikhail are the head editors of the Journal. The punctuality of the journal, its insightfulness, constructive nature, and many peer reviews has enabled the Journal to see tremendous growth. Their efforts are geared towards adding impact to their research. The Journal provides a great way to distribute information that is valuable in matters relating to scientific research by including papers that are acknowledged to the final copy of paginated issues.

One can access the publications in their permanent structure through PubMed. This shows Oncotarget is committed to making scientific research results available in a quick way. Discoveries can also be shared in a smart way through this Journal. Their efforts have contributed to combating diseases by applying the basics of clinical science.

The journal’s endeavor in providing scientific results has seen it gain prominence among many researchers in the field of cancer research. The efforts have seen it increase a high impact factor of 5.168 and it has also reached 6.636 at one time. It holds the record of having achieved the most top impact factor in comparison to other Journals form MEDLINE. The Journals aims at increasing their impact on various studies done by carrying out an insightful process of review. Follow Oncotarget journal on Twitter.

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