Troy Mcquagge Gets TheCeo Of The Year Award

Troy McQuaggeis considered to be one of the most successful individuals in the corporate world. At the moment, the businessman is serving as the president of a company known as USHEALTH Group. The company specializes in health insurance, and it has transformed the lives of many people in the middle class. In the past, it was challenging for self-employed individuals and their employees to get health coverage. The plans were extremely costly, and they were reserved for the wealthy people in the society. The USHEALTH Group has changed the market significantly since it was introduced, making the needy people access medical care with the little they have.

As the chief executive officer of the insurance company that is considered to be the largest in the United States, Troy McQuagge has done a lot to make sure that clients get the assistance they need. The company is based in Texas, and it has offices in several areas in the country. Troy is believed to be on the achievements of the large institution. Just recently, Troy was given the prestigious award of CEO of the Year award by the popular Planet One Awards.

Getting a Planet One Award is not a walk in the park. The awards are considered to be the most prestigious in the country, and they honor leaders who show exemplary skills in several areas. Among all the categories in the awards, Troy McQuagge Son acquired the most respected title. This, however, did not come as a shock to the individuals who are close to the businessman. Most of them say that he was the right candidate for the award. Among all the industries presented in the world, Troy proved that he was the best and most experienced leader. The businessman was very happy to get the award.

Troy McQuagge has been serving at the USHEALTH Group for more than seven years now. The hedge fund manager was appointed to serve in the company in the year 2010, and he has been committed to making sure that the company continues to grow, despite the challenging economic climate in the modern times.As the chief executive of the enterprise, McQuagge is responsible for various activities in the company. Troy ensures that the policies and strategies introduced by the team are efficient. Troy believes that for a team to be successful, it must work together.This is why he works hard to make sure that his employees work hard in hard to achieve a common goal.

McQuagge is very excited to get the prestigious award. In a recent interview, the businessman says that the communities should expect more from his healthcare company. McQuaggge has been in the leadership position for a long time, and he has a lot of expertise.

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