Rocketship Education CEO Calls For Higher Journalistic Standards

The difference between evidence and anecdotal evidence has been one of the major bugbears for millions of people across the world. Rocketship Education CEO, Preston Smith recently took on NPR over whether an article written by blogger Anya Kamenetz was accurate in reporting facts. The article focused on an interview with an unhappy Rocketship education parent and a parent who enjoyed their experience; within the article, the author claimed parents were leaving Rocketship Education locations due to unhappiness. Smith and many media experts stated the standard of reporting was low with little questioning of anecdotal evidence by the author.

The integrity of Rocketship Education and its CEO have rarely been called into question with the work completed seen as of a high standard. Rocketship Education has an advantage over other charter schools in the U.S. as its founders and main management team were working as educators in the public school system of San Jose, California when they established the charter school network. After creating the charter school system in 2006, Rocketship Education is now operating in 12 states and the District of Columbia.

In the NPR article, Anya Kamenetz raised a number of issues regarding the standards within the Rocketship Education schools network. Among those discussed was a question of whether the classroom environment at various locations was a healthy one conducive to learning. CEO Preston Smith believes the environment in Rocketship Education schools is an impressive one for learning in a safe and secure fashion with the policies of the school in line with those of the public education system. Higher Journalistic standards are required in the view of Preston Smith as the hyperbole surrounding the charter school movement is one which is not helpful for people educators or parents. Smith explains the learning environment in Rocketship Education schools is subject to campus-wide policies designed to offer the least disruption throughout each day.

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