Hyland’s New Infant Oral Pain Relief


Hyland’s, based in over 100 years of research and experience, is releasing a new product for your little teething sweetheart.

No one likes it when their gums hurt, especially little babies. They don’t understand why it hurts, and they don’t know how to relieve themselves of the pain. It’s especially frustrating when they use their mouths to explore much of their world.

It’s also frustrating when parents go through many teething toys and other medications that just don’t seem to help their little one, or don’t want to use many of the common medications for fear of what it may do to their child.

That’s where Hyland’s Homeopathic tablets can come in. These small tablets dissolve instantly in your child’s mouth, so there is no fear of choking. Hyland’s Homeopathic pain relief for children has been studied and prepared with the strictest of dedication to exacting rules of safe preparation. Hyland’s products contain gentle recipes to soothe your little one, using natural ingredients.

Hyland’s is dedicated to serving your family, from the littles to their parents. Founded in 1903 in California, the company started as a pharmacy. By 1910, they expanded from a pharmacy into their own line of products, staying true to their homeopathic roots. Cecil Craig joined in 1923, managing the manufacturing of Hyland’s products. Holding true to the company’s family values, Cecil Craig developed the iconic pink aspirin for his own little girl. This was the introduction of a dissolving tablet on a larger scale for children, as many kids, such as Cecil Craig’s daughter, Marian, are typically unable to swallow normal pills.

This, of course, is leads up to their new products, the oral pain relief for small children and babies. It’s certainly safe to say that having Hyland in your home is not at all something you will regret. In fact, you and your family will very likely be grateful for them.

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