Jason Hope Sets Sights On Anti-Aging Revolution

As a futurist and one of the foremost voices in regards to the Internet of Thigns, there is an expectation surrounding Scottsdale-based businessman, Jason Hope. Hope has so often been on the forefront of the technological revolution that he is almost expected to help lead the charge. Hope has taken that expectation to heart and he has used it to fuel his enthusiasm for several incredibly promising sectors for today and into the future. Hope made headlines around the nation when he donated a smooth $500,000 to the SENS Research Foundation in order to support their efforts developing anti-aging therapy and treatment. Why is Hope fascinated by anti-aging research and what are his thoughts on the SENS Foundation? Let’s dig in!

Jason Hope came to prominence as a young entrepreneur when he began investing in the field of mobile communications. Jason Hope saw early on just how important the world of mobile tech was going to be and he placed himself in the right position in order to help engineer momentum within the industry by way of his tech startup, JAWA. Now, Hope is using the momentum from his early successes in order to push toward investing in fields that personally fulfill him and that means investing in the SENS Research Foundation via a generous donation.

The SENS Research Foundation has been in business since 2009. Over the years, the non-profit organization has focused extensively on developing and perfecting therapeutic treatments for some of the most common age-related illnesses known to man. From Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s to diabetes, the SENS Research Foundation is focused on addressing the very issues that plague our aging bodies. With all of that being said, Jason Hope came across the California-based organization while doing heavy research into the industry and after meeting the Chief Scientific Officer of the SENS Foundation, Dr. Aubrey De Grey, Hope was sold.

Hope’s massive donation immediately went toward kickstarting the SENS Research Facility’s focus on Arteriosclerosis, Arteriosclerosis is a serious problem in our elderly population as it results in the hardening of our arteries which takes a further toll on the rest of our system.

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