Alliance Defending Freedom

With modern-day issues surrounding gender and marriage, the Alliance Defending Freedom is here to fight for citizens of all sexual orientations and viewpoints. They have helped defend religious freedom in a variety of issues, such as LGBT rights, parental rights, family separation, education reform, military service by LGBT people, and more.

As an organization made up of judges and lawyers who help represent these vulnerable groups against bigoted government officials. The Alliance Defending Freedom provides high-quality legal services at no cost to those who cannot afford them.

The ADF’s goal in preventing governments from using legislation that violates people’s religious freedoms. They have become very well known for their efforts in defending religious liberties. By remaining on the forefront of protecting these rights, they have helped thousands of people. They are now one of the most recognized names in the nation for providing these services to help their clients.

Alliance Defending Freedom president, Kristen Waggoner, is a former federal judge and is a major voice in the movement for promoting religious freedom in this country. She has gained notoriety throughout this nation for serving as a voice for those who wish to protect their freedoms from others that would abridge them.

The Alliance Defending Freedom was founded in 1993 by Alan Sears, together with other pro-family leaders. The primary motivation of the group was to fight against the Supreme Court’s Obergefell v. Hodges decision, which legalized same-sex marriage nationwide. To date, the organization has launched more than 90 legal challenges on behalf of people who believe that their religious beliefs are being suppressed by government officials and court rulings.

The Alliance Defense Fund is the largest legal organization in its field and the number one defender of religious liberty in America. They have a groundbreaking legal team that has many experience and expertise working in all different types of cases. The team is composed of attorneys who are very diverse, representing Christians, Jews, Muslims, and people from many social backgrounds. They have helped over 12,000 clients nationwide by helping them legally choose how they will live their lives according to their faith. See this page on LinkedIn, for additional information.


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