André Des Rochers: The Grand Plan of Granderson Des Rochers

André Des Rochers is a music and entertainment lawyer with offices in Beverly Hills and New York. He represents many clients, including significant recording artists, publishers, record labels, and movie studios. A graduate of the University of Toronto Law School, Mr. Des Rochers is currently a partner at Boyle Roche PLLC, focusing on his practice in publishing law and music law.




The Grand Plan of Granderson Des Rochers LLC is a full-service entertainment law firm providing expert legal representation to entertainers, sports stars, and recording artists in Los Angeles and New York. With many years of experience, Attorney Shane Engel has been an advisor for clients in both areas of the United States for over five years. 


The Firm works with clients that span every facet of the business, from songwriting, record production, and contracts to touring, endorsement contracts, and public appearances. Moreover, Attorney André Des Rochers is a highly sought-after speaker and has appeared on top talk show programs such as Oprah and The Today Show.


Also, Bravo’s Inside the Actors Studio, QVC, and meetings with organizations such as The Recording Academy of America. The legal representation firm also extends its services worldwide, helping clients from around the globe, including Asia, Europe, and Australia. Led by André Des Rochers, the firm is well-known in the industry and has been long recognized as one of the top entertainment law firms in the world. 


Attorney Des Rochers is a full-time entertainment attorney. He knows all the major players in the industry and can help clients with their careers and management in any way they need him to help them. The Grand Plan of Granderson Des Rochers is a fully integrated firm with members that are law experts in almost every area of the entertainment business, from representation by coaches, managers, agents, agents, publicists, and publicists to lawyers. André Des Rochers is currently the most reliable entertainment attorney in practice.