Athlo, The Digital Gym



Mathew Mansell is the creator of Athlo, a digital fitness group. The fitness group, which the Athlo Founder says is the next fitness unicorn, was established during the covid-19 pandemic.

Mathew mentioned that the covid-19 pandemic seems to be over, and the world is recovering and returning to its routine; the online services provided during the pandemic will remain. The pandemic affected the globe in many ways; people lost their jobs and were forced to work from home. The wellness and the fitness industry were also not spared; those who had signed up for gym memberships saw their memberships canceled as the gyms no longer worked.

Athlo is a digital fitness application that Matthew Mansell founded during the covid-19 pandemic to help people to keep fit from home. Mathew and his team have designed an application that does not only help the members to exercise and share the fitness exercise as they earn. In 2020 and 2021, individuals benefited from online fitness classes and applications. As the world returns to its normal state, online fitness groups are slowly losing clients and no longer earning from the exercises.

However, Matthew Mansell and his crew are still providing exercises to their members. Mr. Mansell noted that despite opening the gyms and other fitness areas, some are still working from home while others are traveling a few days a month and need help to visit the gyms. These are the people that the fitness group is serving through its application. Athlo is also selling its exercises to gyms and those who would wish to do business with them.

Mathew noted that, according to him, digital fitness is here to stay. Even though the study shows that individuals only return to brick-and-mortar gyms for physical training and to build a network, that cannot change. Mansell also mentioned that digital fitness benefits those who are intimidated to visit the gyms physically, so physical and digital gyms should be working together. Refer to this article for additional information.


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