David Zalik: GreenSky Credit is ready for IPO

Conventional wisdom throughout the tech world holds that companies should avoid going public for as long as possible. This is due to a number of primary considerations. However, one of the most important of these is the fact that tech companies are often very fragile, especially in their formative years. A company that is implementing a five-year strategy, which requires very particular steps to be taken and certain capital expenditures to be made, can quickly find itself ruined among the rocky shoals of quarterly performance imperatives

But that doesn’t mean that all recent tech startups are inappropriate candidates for going public. GreenSky Credit, a fintech lending firm that was established in 2006, is now considering going public. Even as the company’s critics vocally rail against its inabilities to safely go public, the company’s founder believes that the time is right to take the IPO plunge.

Simple organisms mature faster

It is a biological truism that the simpler an organism is, the faster it matures. A fruit fly may reach maturity within a day whereas a blue whale may take 30 years to separate from its mother. The same is true of businesses. Although complex organizations may seem more interesting and have certain advantages, in business, things being as simple as possible is usually the optimal state.

GreenSky Credit is an example of a business that has a very simple way of generating revenues. For this reason, the company was arguably mature just a few years after it was formed. The GreenSky Credit revenue model hasn’t changed much since 2008. This is one reason that David Zalik believes that the company is ready for an IPO.

And while there are many reasons why the company is unlikely to be negatively affected by an IPO, there are even more reasons why it may benefit hugely from one. For starters, some analysts have opined that GreenSky Credit may ultimately be valued at near the $10 billion mark, which would make it one of the richest IPOs in the history of the fintech space. All of these reasons have some investors chomping at the bit, waiting for Zalik to finally pull the IPO trigger.


Class Dojo Is Creating More Engaging School Communities For Students And Parents

There are many companies out there that are trying to create new ways for kids to learn and enjoy their academic careers, but few have gone as far as Class Dojo to create a better classroom and schooling community for kids as well as their parents and teachers. Class Dojo has spent the last seven years expanding on their platform to help students at the elementary level build their communication. There aren’t many educational platforms on the market like Class Dojo because they focus on communication building and community building as the primary method of improving every student’s learning experience. Most other educational programs are designed at running student’s through courses to learn new information in specialized ways, which also comes at a cost.

Class Dojo has been free since it first launched, helping thousands of students all over the world today simply through their community building app. Class Dojo’s app is user-friendly for virtually anyone that participates in the learning experience, including children and those that are not tech savvy. Since the platform has spread all over the world today, helping student’s in classrooms a variety of different countries, Class Dojo offers support for over 30 different languages. Classrooms around the globe are steadily adopting the platform and more than two-thirds of all elementary schools in the US use Class Dojo.

Communication is one of the most difficult things to build when it comes to the education system since it requires a little more than a standard curriculum that most schools provide. Class Dojo provides parents with an easy way to stay connected to their students as well as their teacher at all times of the school day and even when school is not in session. Teachers can directly message parents through Class Dojo’s app to discuss schools events or their child’s progress. More importantly, improving communication for students, parents, and teachers will help them build closer relationships to form a community all around.