Colcom Foundation: Nurturing Southwestern Pennsylvania’s Environment and Communities

Colcom Foundation is a steadfast advocate for Southwestern Pennsylvania, actively enriching the environment and local communities. Committed to fostering sustainability and positive change, this foundation has made significant regional strides.

Supporting Carrying Capacity

The Foundation funds projects promoting sustainable immigration policies and reducing the impact of population growth on the environment. They support the Population Media Center’s efforts to lower global birth rates through entertainment, education, and mass media.

Preserving the Local Environment

Colcom Foundation supports environmental conservation in Southwestern Pennsylvania. It protects greenspaces in the Pittsburgh Airport Corridor through the Hollow Oak Land Trust. They also support the Revolving Fund for Local Land Trusts, which offers zero-interest loans to preserve open space and high-priority properties.

Fostering Education and Media

The Foundation funds awareness of environmental issues, RP3 tackles rail proliferation risks, and grassroots organizations advocate for environmental law enforcement and protect communities from fossil fuel impacts.

Promoting Local Communities

The Foundation supports projects in Southwestern Pennsylvania, including the Carnegie Museum of Natural History’s “We Are Nature” exhibition, Scenic Pittsburgh, and Grounded.

Empowering Education and Health

Touchstone Center for Crafts offers a Summer Internship Program to help artists and students improve their skills. Colcom Foundation supports health and human services, including Guardian Angels Medical Service Dogs for veterans in Pittsburgh.

Leisure, Recreation, and Public Safety

Initiatives such as the restoration of the Walled Garden Fountain in Mellon Park by the Pittsburgh Parks Conservancy contribute to enhancing leisure and recreation opportunities. Additionally, the foundation is crucial in ensuring public safety by supporting the American Red Cross Southwestern Pennsylvania chapter in providing disaster relief to local residents.

Catalyzing Positive Change

The Colcom Foundation drives positive change in Southwestern Pennsylvania through a multifaceted approach that includes environment, education, culture, and community. Its commitment to creating a sustainable and thriving future for the region is a model for philanthropy and community enrichment. See related link for additional information.


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