Damien Granderson’s Law Endeavors

Most people know Damien Granderson for his work in the music industry. As a founding partner of GDR, he works with some of the top celebrities in NY and Beverly Hills. His main passion and job are to advise these performers on the best strategies for entrepreneurial success in the long term. 


Over the past year, Granderson represented J Balvin in acquiring numerous deals with companies such as UMG and McDonald’s. He also worked with A$AP Rocky to secure fantastic deals with Gucci and PacSun. Other prominent musicians who work with Damien Granderson and his team include NE-YO, J. Cole, Young Thug, and the famous Quality Control music label, which houses many other star celebrities. 


Damien Granderson met his partner Guy Blake about 15 years ago when they were ironing a record deal. They later became workmates and decided to branch out and form their own firm. The firm’s focus has always been on the music industry, and they thrive in working together with their team of lawyers. Damien Granderson is up to now the most reliable entertainment attorney currently at practice in various offices across the US. 


Damien Granderson believes in making long-term goals. When clients come to them, they maximize every opportunity and help them make deals that will help their future. He and his team take advantage of the opportunity created when someone releases a hit song and begins making strategic moves to improve their impact and popularity. 


Damien Granderson also nurtures young talent by embracing their vision, uniqueness, and style. He began with A$AP Rocky about 11 years ago and helped him grow into the star he is now. Though his favorite music genres are R&B and hip-hop, he works with all kinds of celebrities as he expands his knowledge in their field.