Diogo Corona Began by Briefly Describing the Goals of TotalPass

In August 2019, Grupo Bio Ritmo and Smart Fit used the success to enter the B2B market when they were in the midst of an expansion process that distributed gyms of various brands across more than a dozen countries. TotalPass, an organization of physical training facilities provided as perks in the corporate market, was established there. A few months later, the pandemic struck.

The business model changed to include a product promoting employees’ physical and emotional wellness. The company’s portfolio includes more than 1,200 films, including online training and meditation, in addition to a growing selection of gyms, in response to the demands brought on by the effects of the new work paradigm at home offices.

Diogo Corona began by briefly describing the goals of TotalPass, noting that it is an organization that focuses on people’s overall health and provides benefits through more than 800 online training videos and over 3.5 thousand academies nationwide.

The so-called Total Fit strand, which emphasizes fitness activities through gyms and DVDs, also includes Total Mind, which has 5,000 psychologists on staff and more than 400 meditation-focused videos. They are only the first two verticals that the organization hopes to add to its provision of care to business personnel, according to Diogo Corona.

Seven months before the pandemic’s onset and its effects, in 2019, Smart Fit was solely conceptualized in terms of physical training in gyms. End users, gyms, and psychologists are among the customers of Diogo Corona. People management areas are the first of these.

And it was vital to assist them by establishing benefits that accounted for the requirements of those who were now working from home. Also, Diogo Corona said it was a moment when business expansion had become impossible, making it crucial to keep hold of the clients previously secured to know more click here.