“Edgard Corona: A Resilient Leader and the Mastermind Behind Smart Fit’s Success”

Edgard Gomes Corona, the visionary founder of Bio Ritmo and Smart Fit, has demonstrated unwavering resilience throughout his career. After completing his engineering studies, he faced the challenge of reviving his family’s business, A├žucareira Corona. As the COO, Edgard employed modern management strategies, steering the company back to prosperity.

But it was his passion for the fitness industry that ultimately defined his path. In 1996, he founded Bio Ritmo Academia and tenaciously worked to establish the brand in the market. This dedication paid off when a Bio Ritmo branch opened on Avenida Paulista, catering to the time-constrained workforce.

Edgard’s entrepreneurial spirit knew no bounds. In 2008, he introduced a revolutionary concept with the launch of Smart Fit. This affordable and standardized gym chain disrupted the industry, capturing the hearts of fitness enthusiasts across Brazil and beyond. The success of Smart Fit reached new heights with the company’s IPO on the B3 stock exchange in 2021. The overwhelming demand for SMFT3 shares highlighted the trust investors had in Edgard’s vision and the company’s potential. The IPO was a resounding success, propelling Smart Fit to new heights and boosting Edgard Corona’s net worth to an estimated R$1.6 billion.

Beyond his business acumen, Edgard Corona’s involvement in Shark Tank Brasil showcased his passion for nurturing new ideas and supporting budding entrepreneurs. His experience as a seasoned business leader proved invaluable as he provided insightful guidance and made strategic investments in innovative ventures.

Edgard’s journey serves as an inspiration to aspiring entrepreneurs, emphasizing the importance of resilience, innovation, and a strong vision. His commitment to transforming the fitness industry and providing affordable fitness options has touched the lives of millions, making him a respected figure in Latin America’s business landscape. As the founder and CEO of two prominent fitness brands, Edgard continues to lead with determination and foresight, driving the growth of Smart Fit and Bio Ritmo. His unwavering dedication to health and wellness has contributed to a positive impact on communities and individuals seeking a healthier lifestyle.

In conclusion, Edgard Corona’s story is one of perseverance, innovation, and leadership. From turning around a struggling family business to creating a fitness empire, he has proven that with vision, determination, and the willingness to embrace change, success is attainable even in the most challenging circumstances.