For Diogo Corona, Routine and Creativity Go Together

Successful and prominent Brazilian business leader Diogo Corona is a man who thrives on routine. For example, he prefers to dress in identical clothes every day for the office. He dons a comfortable gray shirt and jeans. He rises every day at 6:30, works out at the Smart Fit studio for 45 minutes and then heads back home for a quick shower and breakfast.

By 9 a.m., he’s in the office taking care of business.

Oh, by the way, that Smart Fit fitness studio is the company he serves as chief operating officer (COO). He is also CEO of TotalPass, a “corporate wellness benefit platform.”

Smart Fit is the largest gym network franchise in Brazil and all of Latin America. He started there as an intern and worked his way up to a top position. He was still in college at the time and earned a degree in business administration. After getting his degree from São Paulo’s Insper Institute of Education and Research in 2010, Diogo Corona stayed on with the fitness franchise.

Corona’s skills in the areas of finance, expansion analysis, strategic planning and leadership were a boon to his career with the fast-growing fitness company. By 2016, he was tapped for the COO position.

His approach is centered on integration. That means combining the fitness business model with traditional physical activity enhanced by technological adjutants. Diogo and his team created holistic programs that cater to the needs of many different kinds of customers.

Another key factor is community building. Diogo Corona has worked to engender an environment in which customers feel connected to their coaches and fellow workout participants.

Diogo Corona continues to innovate. He said he has a “lot of ideas” because he loves what he does. He gains satisfaction in the knowledge that he is helping other people lead fit and healthier lives.

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