Fully Integrated Investment and Portfolio Administration Solutions

Fintech Capital, a subsidiary of Fortress Investment Group, New York has been making a name as one of the biggest fully integrated asset management platforms in the industry. With more than thirty-three billion dollars in personal equity, Fortress Investment Group of New York believes in the individual investor. They believe in individual wealth building by providing opportunities to invest in stocks, growth funds, bonds, commercial real estate, specialty areas, and the occasional hedge fund or asset manager.

Fortress Investment Group provides its clients with asset management solutions that include comprehensive cash management, financial asset monitoring, comprehensive stock selection, customized portfolio administration, and an easy-to-use financial tools platform.

Their other products and services are primarily focused on education, market research, and venture capital. Financial product support services are available to assist with all financial transactions and provide clients with advice on the appropriate options for their individual needs. This includes assistance with compliance, documentation, order processing, and integration with internal control panels and independent risk managers.

In a time when globalization and offshoring have resulted in many companies having their offshore banking arm, Fortress Investment Group believes in enabling clients to remain physically present in the countries where they do business.

They offer localized asset solutions and a fully integrated network of service providers and independent investment managers. Because the company is based in New York City, its headquarters is visible to clients through advertising campaigns and website visibility.

Fortress Investment Group LLC is a portfolio management firm. The firm raises, engages in, and overseas investments such as finance, real estate, private equity, and long-term capital investment strategies. Their services institutional and private investors all around the world. Go Here for related Information.