Gary McGaghey has this Advice for those aspiring to become  successful Chief Financial Officers

Gary McGaghey is a world-renowned group and divisional CFO. He is currently the chief financial officer for the private equity company, William Lea Tag. The company has operations across the globe and McGaghey controls the finance department of the company. McGaghey has wide experience in managing the finances of major companies and makes endeavors to make CFOs help their companies grow and succeed.

Gary McGaghey has wide experience in steering the finances of many well-known companies. He has helped the growth of companies across industries including media, pharmacy, FMCG, and beverage companies. His commitment to learning while leading has helped him become an expert in finance management. He has transformed William Lea Tag after taking over as CFO and made the company a leader in providing business services. He is an expert at transforming listed and privately-owned companies into private equity companies using revival strategies and multi-year plans.

Gary McCaghey believes that four basic strategies can help new CFOs implement the process of transforming companies into successful private equity companies. The first strategy is to take control of the working capital of the company by thoroughly examining working capital data and optimizing the cash cycle. The second strategy is to harness technology and create a reliable database consisting of all financial facts of the company. The third strategy is to continuously check the effectiveness of the team and to fill any gaps in the team to make it more efficient. The fourth and most important strategy is to make all decisions to transform the company and deliver value.

Gary McGaghey firmly believes that a CFO can transform a company’s finances by acting as a challenger and influencer of the team. The priorities and values of the company, he believes, should be the basis of all financial decisions to get the best final results. Website: