Gino Pozzo

Gino Pozzo is an Italian businessman who runs Witham Partners, Real Estate, and football clubs. He is the president of Watford F.C in England and was previously a director at Fulham F.C from 1997 until 2007, when he became chairman. Gino Pozzo was also the principal owner of Udinese in Italy and Granada CF in Spain until 2017 when he sold his interests to the Chinese company Evergrande Group of Companies for €45 million.

  1. Personal Life

Gino Pozzo is married to Daniela, and they have two children, Giovanni and Gabriele. They live in London, England. He is a keen golfer and likes to spend his free time playing golf. Gino has investments in the oil field service business and real estate and owns Watford F.C.

  1. Career

Gino Pozzo began his career as a soccer agent in Italy in 1985, representing players such as Francesco Baiano, Vincenzo Rennella, and Christian Panucci. He later became the president of three Italian teams: Grosseto, Pisa, and Perugia, before returning to Watford Football Club as the majority shareholder, with his family owning around 51% of Watford F.C shares in 2012. During his time in Italy, he was also the owner of Udinese Calcio. In July 2017, Pozzo sold his shares to Chinese developer Evergrande Group of Companies for 45 million euros.

  1. Political

He is a member of the European Parliament, sits on the Committee on Civil Liberties, Justice, and Home Affairs, and is a member of the Delegation for Relations with Asian and Oceanian NSAs of Euro-Mediterranean and Latin American countries. He has been a member of the Socialist Party since 2003 and stood as its candidate in 2006 for the Presidency of the Umbria region, which he lost to Giancarlo Bersani but received more than 62% of votes.

Gino Pozzo is a significant figure for English football in the English Premier League as his family owns a large portion of the shares of Watford F.C, and he is the president of Watford F.C. See related link for more information.


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