Greg Aziz on CPKC’s Striking Transformation

CEO of Bombardier Transportation, Greg Aziz, has transformed the company into a global leader in railroad freight car engineering and manufacturing. He has left an indelible mark on the transportation sector through his relentless pursuit of quality, customer satisfaction, and innovation.


One of Greg Aziz’s most significant achievements has been his unwavering commitment to excellence and the pursuit of engineering perfection. Recognizing the importance of staying ahead of the curve, he invested heavily in advanced technologies, modernizing the manufacturing process and adopting state-of-the-art engineering techniques. This commitment to innovation has resulted in Bombardier Transportation being at the forefront of the industry, setting new standards for quality, safety, and efficiency.

Greg Aziz on CPKC's Striking Transformation

Greg Aziz on CPKC’s Striking Transformation


In a bold move that has left the railway industry buzzing with excitement, CPKC (Central Pacific Konsortium Corporation) has unveiled its stunning new livery design for its fleet of trains. Greg Aziz notes that this eye-catching transformation departs from the traditional color schemes that have long dominated railway aesthetics.


Thus, ushering in a new era of modernity and innovation. According to Aziz, gone are the days of mundane and monotonous train liveries that blend into the background. CPKC and its new design breaks free from convention, embracing vibrant hues and striking patterns that make a powerful statement. Greg Aziz is in charge of its delivery and development projects.


The trains, once indistinguishable from one another, now stand out as unique and instantly recognizable symbols of the CPKC brand. The centerpiece of CPKC’s new livery design is the fusion of dynamic colors and geometric shapes, Greg Aziz finally adds. The sleek and aerodynamic contours of the trains serve as the perfect canvas for this visual spectacle. Inspired by the spirit of progress and forward-thinking, the design conveys a sense of movement, energy, and a commitment to pushing boundaries.