Greg Aziz´s Career at Affiliated Foods

Greg Aziz is a prominent business leader and philanthropist in the Canadian business world. He has had a pretty good career in the financial industry. At the moment, he is the Chairman and CEO of Plasteel Holding International Inc., one of North America’s leading freight car engineering and manufacturing companies. 


Serial entrepreneur and business owner Greg Aziz was born in London, Ontario, on April 30th, 1949. The second of three children, the business expert began his working life after high school at Affiliated Foods, a wholesale food business his family owned. He later attended the University of Western Ontario, where he studied economics. 


After working in banking in New York City for a few years, Mr. Aziz returned to Affiliated Foods in 1971. He oversaw the company’s dramatic expansion into a leading international food importer with distribution across the United States, Central America, and Europe. In 1986, Greg Aziz joined Plasteel Holding International Inc. as President and CEO. 


Greg Aziz at Plasteel Holding International Inc.

Plasteel Holding International Inc. is North America’s only ISO-certified rolling stock manufacturer. Under his leadership, Plasteel Holding International Inc. has become North America’s largest and most successful freight car manufacturer. Greg Aziz has been honored for his great contribution for the railroad and freight industry as well as to society. 

Today they are recognized as the continent’s premier supplier of new railcars and refurbished cars to the railroad industry, Greg Aziz adds. Plasteel Holding International Inc. employs over 2,000 people at their state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Hamilton, Ontario, shipping 12,500 railcars annually to more than 100 customers across Canada and the United States.