Happy Joe’s Best Quality Beef

Happy Joe’s is an establishment with human-friendly prices and the best quality products. We are renowned for our chicken wings which are the best in the city. Our chicken wings are made from only 100% real chicken breast meat. Happy Joe’s has been an old cafe that was originally opened by Joe Sponcowski in the 1960s.


It was named Happy Joe’s because he was very happy to open a new food bar, so as usual he called it “Happy”. We specialize in chicken wings and we have the best chicken wings in town; we also have burgers and hot dogs with the best quality beef. We also serve soft drinks, shakes, beers, and wines, at the most reasonable prices in town. 




When Joe was a kid he loved eating at a family restaurant called “Lou’s Tavern”, but it closed down because of disputes between the owner’s son and daughter. But Joe wanted to reopen “Lou’s Tavern“. But to call it by a new name so that people wouldn’t think that he was copying his father’s place, so he calls it Happy Joe’s.


Our Product


Happy Joe´s Kids Foundation

Happy Joe’s brags the best chicken wings and burgers in town, but we also serve hot dogs and fries, the best in town! We are mainly known for our chicken wings because it’s our trademark product, but we also have other different products like burgers and hot dogs (Bizjournals).


Happy Joe’s Menu


We have a large selection of different kinds of food, the best in town. From plain burgers to the most exotic kinds, we have it all. At Happy Joe’s pizza parlor, we serve the best quality ingredients, with the largest selection of burgers, dogs, and wings in town. The basis for our products is a mix of taste and value. The ingredients we use are genuine and fresh ones from Thailand and Vietnam, not expired ones from grocery stores! We make it our priority to always offer you everything you expect from a quality food bar!