Hughes Marino CEO Addresses problems in the job market

Hughes Marino CEO is among the leading corporate leaders in the United States. The executive is the founder of a buyer and tenant representation firm. The renowned leader is the chairman and president of the institution, and he has done a lot to grow his business. 


The company has managed numerous construction projects for customers, delivering the best services. When growing his business over the years, Jason has come across numerous challenges. His expertise in the property world has made it easy to run the company and all the processes, laying a great foundation that encourages expansion. Hughes Marino CEO believes that the sales, marketing, human resource, information technology and even the accounting departments play a leading role in the growth of modern businesses. 


Hughes Marino CEO has only managed to make Hughes Marino great because of having the right professionals in all the departments of his company. When the global pandemic hit the market two years ago, many people had to shut their businesses. This forced many people in various departments to be laid off. During the pandemic season, many workers in the global community, according to Jason, had enough time to focus on their talents. 


Many companies have been trying to get back to their normal operations after the pandemic such as Hughes Marino is. Despite the things taking place in the retail space market the firm´s CEO says that staffing rates are very low. The rates cannot match the pre-pandemic levels. Hughes Marino CEO is confident that there is a lot of talent in the market, but many employers haven’t found it. 

The pandemic only brought out the recruitment challenges people have been dealing with. The pandemic could not make the challenges go away. Many workers around the world have decided to change their working preferences. Just as Hughes Marino, many companies are having to accept the new working styles so that they can get the best talents. Remote working is a style loved by many people.