IM Academy

IM Academies are educational products that include digital and online interactive training content, knowledge, and resources. The IM Academies are aligned with international standards and curricula from schools, universities, and national and international accreditation boards. IM Academy help students and teachers to attain digital literacy and ensure they can continue to learn independently throughout their lives. These academies also provide students and teachers with learning facilities for entertainment and information seeking. He created IM Academies, and it has grown significantly.

  1. About IM Academy

IM Academy was founded in 2013 to become an international platform for advanced education. The Academy is one of the most progressive “Q&A Social Learning” platforms with an exciting community of teachers and learners reflective of most parts of the world. Each topic is covered by at least 10-99% of the professionals in one or another field of interest and career. Chris Terry, the Founder of IM Academy, purchased a large property that provided a large screen and several meeting rooms. This was the best investment because it had space for sponsors and guests, networking, and training.

  1. Optional Add-Ons

IM Academy is responsible for serving several professional and academic needs by providing professional firms and individual students with exciting and relevant learning resources. The intention is to help every hand who deserves to be served as much as possible. The Academy’s content is initially designed to be integrated into various systems, web, and mobile, by third parties. It enables teachers and learners to customize the Academy with their topics. This may be done by individual licenses or with countries’ permits or licenses that allow access to all the content.

Chris Terry is the CEO of IM Academy. It is a highly successful online learning platform. Most of the online training courses are provided by independent non-profit teachers. Some of the training courses are provided by independent certified teachers whose fees are paid by the Academy. Refer to this channel on YouTube, for related information.


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