Is Competition Part Of Running A Business? Matthew Mansell Doesn’t Think So


Many believe dealing with competition is part of owning a business. Matthew Mansell is no stranger to competition. He was once a pro rugby player. However, when it comes to business, Mansell does not feel competition between companies is the answer to creating a successful. Instead, he believes cooperation among businesses can benefit everyone. Though the concept may seem foreign to some, it has happened successfully.

Matthew Mansell, Athlo Founder, explains his business serves three different groups, which are people who have gym memberships or classes and are looking for others to use them, people who are seeking memberships or classes, and the gyms and fitness centers who count on people to pay for memberships and classes. Mansell points out it makes sense that those with memberships and those wanting to use a membership would be eager to work together.

However, adding gyms and fitness centers to the mix is more of a novel idea. Mansell could have easily steered his clients away from gyms; however, he chose to make them a focus of Athlo. Mansell believes digital apps, like Athlo, are here to stay, and gyms are not going anywhere. It only makes sense for everyone to cooperate and make a better experience for everyone.

They say timing is everything, and Mansell could not plan the timing of his company any better. The platform, the next fitness unicorn, was up and running as the pandemic was winding down. Though gyms and fitness centers are bouncing back, they hit a rough patch during the pandemic, and it will take time to recover from those losses. Matthew Mansell’s platform offers a way to keep the members that stuck around throughout and after the pandemic and a way to recruit new members. It is a win for everyone involved.

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