Jason Hope On Consumer Technology

We all deal with aging on some level. We see these effects on our parents as they age and on ourselves. As technology evolves, our possibilities evolve and can extend to help with these evolving worldwide problems. Activist investor and philanthropsit Jason Hope has invested very heavily many years of research into how we can use technology to reduce its effects on the human body for anti-aging purposes. 


The accurate business futurist Jason Hope is a technology entrepreneur who has focused much of his career on health and longevity. He has founded companies that have created multiple inventions in healthcare, enterprise software, and consumer technology. Hope believes there are two types of aging: what we see and sometimes feel, the body’s organic process, and the effects of sunlight or other processes that we cannot see or feel. 


Activist Investor Jason Hope


The activist investor and philanthropist states that technology has advanced and can now begin to reverse some of these effects. There is also the virtual type, where he believes we become dependent upon technology. Jason Hope explains that anyone in any location can now access the internet of things. He believes this will result in a healthier society and a few unintended consequences.


Jason Hope has founded companies that have created new technologies to help extend the human body’s life. He has been awarded by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office for his anti-aging research in medicines and medical devices. Hope is also an author of medical content who has released this information in many forms of media. He believes that we have developed the technology to extend our lives to the next level and give us a longer, healthier life. 

He predicts that within a couple of generations, people will be able to live longer. One invention being discussed is the idea of being able to genetically enhance a body to be better than it was before. This could help people fight off diseases or make them stronger. It is a look at the anti-aging business to help extend our human lives; Jason Hope believes that we are at a point where advances in technology can be used to help people live longer.