Jason Hope´s Mission of Pioneering Future Technologies for a Better Quality of Life

One internet entrepreneur that is well-known for his accurate prediction of future technologies is Jason Hope. He was born in the Phoenix area and is an alumnus of W.P. Carey School of Business, where he earned his MBA. He is a good and skilled investor and a benevolent man who finds pride in his works of charity. His ideas on future technologies and breakthroughs amaze many people who know him. 


Jason’s Ideas About the Internet

Many people are becoming addicted to the Internet of Things. According to Jason Hope, it is now very easy to have maximum control of our surroundings through our devices. Jason believes the Internet of Things (IoT) will continue evolving until everything is incorporated. 


This will significantly impact our personal and business lives, enabling easy and instant management of our daily affairs. Jason’s mission and dream might be challenging to achieve, but he’s ready to pay the price to see its accomplishment (Facebook). 

Activist Investor

Jason’s Faith in SENS Research Foundation

 Apart from connecting our homes with the Internet of Things, our health-related issues will also be positively impacted. Technology will help us enjoy better quality and advance longevity of wellness and health. In 2010, Jason Hope made a sizable contribution to SENS Research Foundation, which sent significant waves through the philanthropic world. He did this due to his strong faith in their mission and continued his involvement in the outreach to date. 


SENS Research Foundation is working on new technologies to develop and study the aging process. At the same time, they focus more on curing illnesses and diseases caused by aging. They have achieved this by developing rejuvenation biotechnologies. Although Jason Hope has been involved in many things, the Internet Of Things and SENS Foundation carries the day. He believes the two have great potential to improve people’s quality of life now and in the future.