Jonas Lauren Norr is a Swedish-born Film Director

Jonas Lauren Norr is a Swedish-born film director, comedian, and actor. Jonas Lauren Norr was born on September 27th, 1995, in Stockholm. Jonas Lauren Norr attended the European School of Economics in London.

Jonas Lauren Norr became publicly known as the founder of a YouTube channel called “The Troll Game.” The videos on this channel show people playing internet games while being trolled by other players who are connected remotely to the game server. The channel has grown rapidly and now has over 120 million views. Around the same time that Jonas Lauren Norr created The Troll Game, Jonas Lauren Norr also started the “The Young Turks Network,” where young filmmakers could post their short films to be viewed by others. Jonas Lauren Norr is still the CEO of “The Young Turks Network” today. In 2011, Jonas Lauren made a film called “Alienated.” The film was about a group of teenagers escaping an alien invasion by hiding in Sweden’s highest mountain, Kebnekaise.

As his fame grew, he started to receive offers for more acting roles. In 2012, Jonas Lauren successfully convinced Warner Brothers to give him his first significant role in the film “End of the World.” The film was about a group of teens facing the end of the world after an alien invasion.

He decided to try directing movies and made his debut with a short called “Cemetery Drive.” In 2015, Jonas Lauren shot and directed a feature-length movie called “Endless Love.” The movie is about two people whose lives intersect unusually after finding each other on YouTube. From there on, Jonas Lauren has continued to direct films. In 2016, Jonas Lauren shot another feature-length film called “The Circle.” In this movie, Lauren Norr portrays a detective investigating a group of people abusing their power as the leaders of “The Circle.”

He is also a very well-known comedic actor. As one of the founders of “The Young Turks Network,” Jonas Lauren has become known as one of the comedians on the network. In 2012, Jonas Lauren Norr convinced Warner Brothers to give him his first significant role in a film called “End of the World,” where he played Martin, who famous film star Liesel Catherine Blaustein starred. Jonas Lauren has also made many appearances on shows like “Glee,” “The Vampire Diaries,” and “Saturday Night Live.”

In addition to his work as a director and actor, Jonas Laurenis also a musician. As a part of the band “Gangs,” which is an acronym for “Got Någon Att Göra,” which translates to “Got Someone To Do It” in English, Jonas Lauren makes music about topics that he feels passionate about. The main topics of Gnag’s songs are injustices in society, so the lyrics often include phrases like ‘Kill them all, ‘ making singing the songs on stage exciting for the audience.