Kelcy Warren

In the field of energy infrastructure, Kelcy Warren is one of the most well-known and influential people in the world. The president and chief executive officer of Energy Transfer Partners (ETP), he has made headlines for his leadership for the past 12 years. ETP is one of the leading energy infrastructure companies in the world, with Warren playing a large role in shaping how energy is transported and distributed to other countries. During his time as CEO, Warren has led the company through changing markets and shifting trends. He has been able to grow and maintain ETP’s success in an increasingly competitive industry.

Kelcy Warren graduated from the University of North Texas in 1995 and went to work for American Electric Power. He has been with ETP ever since, working his way up through the ranks to become one of the top executives in the company. He began as an executive officer before becoming a vice president in 2000. From there, he worked his way up to become vice president of intermodal service and project development at Energy Transfer Partners (ETP) in 2012 and CEO in 2015.

With the company being headquartered in his home state, Kelcy Warren has made it his mission to bring jobs, economic development, and opportunity to his home state. He has accomplished this by being a key player in major shale and pipeline projects that move natural gas across America.

One of the most impressive projects, however, was his leadership over the company’s Dakota Access Pipeline. This is one of the largest pipelines ever built in North America. It is a $3.8 billion project that can transport nearly 470,000 barrels per day. The pipeline transports oil from North Dakota to Illinois and can provide more than 500 million gallons of fuel to communities throughout the country.

To lead through a project of this size and complexity has taken not only vision but great patience and leadership over the past year. While the project’s completion is still several months away, it is still one of the most notable projects in the country today. See this article on CrunchBase, for additional information.


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