Kelcy Warren

Kelcy Warren was born in 1955 in Gladewater, which was a tiny locality in the eastern parts of Texas State. He was as well the youngest among four boys. His father served as ditch digger and gauger for Sun Oil while his mother on the other hand served in a department store. His father had only managed a high school education which he feels so proud of because of what he has been able to do in his life whereas his mother as well never finished her final year of high school.

However, it was of great importance to her mother that her sons graduate from high school and proceed ahead to college and in that case Warren’s elder brother was the first person to obtain a college education in their whole family.

Kelcy Warren was very passionate on the fact that he was growing up in his native town which was tiny enough that he felt he had the knowledge of everything. Since money was a persistent worry in his family, he started doing odd jobs at the age of 12 years. He hauled hay and served for thirty cents per hour at a gas station, however when he got older, he ventured on to jobs that were oilfield-related since he was part of a gang that repaired oilfield leaks, and welder’s assistant, he also did pipeline construction and also served as a lineman checking out on the telephone lines for meter reading.

At the time he did all that work, his father often encouraged him to work and always save money. He looked forward to excelling in school and he achieved that objective as his high school counselor was asked what the top-paying job Kelcy Warren could bag with a four-year degree, and his counselor advised and recommended him to focus on engineering. Warren joined the University of Texas at Arlington where he paid his way through using all that he earned during his teenage years.

In 1978, Kelcy graduated with a degree in civil engineering after which Lone Star Gas Company employed him as a pipeline model engineer. He later on after three years, he joined Endevco which was a small energy development firm and ventured into the commercial aspect of energy growth.

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