Launch House Announces House Capital – Its Venture Arm

With the lofty goal of “creating an impact that empowers people to live better lives” and investing in businesses that have a positive social impact, Launch House Announces is venture arm; House Capital. While the venture arm is just getting off its feet and has no significant investments to show, it plans to lead with its values by choosing socially minded investments.

House Capital will be looking for startups focused on solving significant problems. Companies must have a positive social impact and a committed team of founders. There is no preset investment size, with the idea being that the company must meet specific growth, scalability and stability criteria before the fund invests.

Michael Houck, Brett Goldstein, and Jacob Peters founded House Capital as a conduit between investors and startups. Mr. Houck says, “We recognize the importance venture investing can have on building our local economy; however, too often, we see that impact undermined by failed investments and short-term thinking. That’s why we’re focused on developing long-term relationships with entrepreneurs and companies whose beliefs align with ours.

It’s how we will continue to create a cycle of success for all of us. ” House Capital has several partners who have come together to support the fund, including the Nelson Ventures Group, a portfolio of local venture firms focused on bringing innovative entrepreneurs to life in our community. The fund is also supported by other national financiers and industry associations, including Women’s Flat Track Roller Derby, which is pleased to support House Capital. Visit this page for more information.

House Capital will manage its portfolio from within its headquarters at Launch Hous in Durham’s West End. Launch House helps foster learning and professional development through work-based entrepreneurship and other activities that build community. In addition, Launch House will offer its space to support the local community and will provide startup companies with the opportunity to shape their office space.


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