Launch House Dives Into Venture Capital

The exclusive membership organization Launch House unveiled the latest facet of their organization, House Capital, in January 2022. House Capital is a Venture Capital firm that will fund promising startups at the pre-seed and seed stages. Although it launched initially with a $10 million fund, House Capital will have funding capabilities beyond that.

Thanks to a structure that has a fund vehicle in addition to the standard 506(b) venture partnership scheme, the venture capital firm can solicit additional funds from other Limited Partnerships with smaller funds. This indicates that House Capital is also eager to embrace the growing push for a more community-based approach to VC funding and support.

In addition to the financial benefits of House Capital’s Support, founders of funded startups will also have access to the social club’s membership benefits. These include access to their vetted community, digital coaching, coworking spaces, social clubhouses, and support around fundraising and company growth. According to co-founder Michael Houck, the venture capital branch is a natural extension of the organization’s core mission.

Rather than simply advising on how to secure funding, the company can now directly invest in companies developed by their exclusive roster of members. House Capital’s operations are also expected to benefit Launch House. Investment returns from the ventures will allow the organization to reinvest in additional experiences and a greater variety of programs for its members. Refer to this page to learn more.

Launch House is an exclusive and curated membership organization that creates events, experiences, networking, and support for its members. This professional social club was founded to enable industry up-and-comers to connect and learn through association. Its members include heavy hitters in the technology and entertainment space, with Peter Hollens, Michael Ovitz, and Serena Williams among its Limited Partners and Fortune 500 founders among its General Partners.


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