“Matthew Mansell: A Visionary on a Mission to Services Gym Goers and Fitness Centers Alike”


The man behind the success of Athlo, the next fitness unicorn, is taking the world by storm, is Matthew Mansell. The former professional rugby player and entrepreneur is the Athlo founder and first registered it in November of last year with one mission in mind: to make sure both gym goers and gym facilities benefit from it.

Rather than trying to compete with gym facilities as most startups do, Mansell decided to make them part of the package. Athlo has since then been offering its services to three groups of people. There are those who enroll in the app and utilize its features to get the perfect workout plan, those who use the platform to shop memberships & classes to others, and lastly the gyms and fitness centers that retain as well as drop their memberships.

Matthew Mansell’s cooperation-over-competition approach has been perfected by keeping in mind the pain points of the gyms and workout facilities. The pandemic definitely caused some turbulence in the fitness industry but with innovators like Mansell, it’s only a matter of time before the sector bounces back with a vengeance.

This platform is already projected to have an estimated value of $87 billion in the global fitness industry by 2022, and with increased interest in health & wellness it can be said that in the coming years it could become the next fitness unicorn.

Athlo’s usability has been further amped up with features like their recommendation engine and their digital detox programs focused on mental health. To put it simply, this platform represents a one-stop-destination for all the needs of the modern gym-goer.

What sets Mansell’s vision apart from the rest is that rather than disrupting the market, he’s disrupted a sector and made sure everyone gets something out of the whole process. This speaks volumes of his leadership and strategic focus, qualities that should be cherished more in the startup world.

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