Robert Ivy Gives Insights on the Importance of Professional Associations

Professional organizations exist to assists members gain valuable knowledge and expertise in their respective career fields. The knowledge gained in the classroom and job training is not enough to keep a professional competent in the ever-changing work environment. There is always more to learn as one progress in his or her career. Professional organizations aim at educating members throughout their career journeys. According to a report by the American Society of Association Executives, there are more than 92,000 trade and professional organizations in the US. The main difference between a trade union and a professional association is that trade unions attract companies as members while professional associations recruit individuals according to their area of specialization. Visit on his twitter for latest updates.

There are numerous tremendous benefits of being a member of a professional association. Some of these benefits include educational programs and networking opportunities. Professional bodies do regularly organize for big annual conferences that bring together industry players. These conferences are avenues for networking where through the mingling and interactions one can make informal connections and get to learn about job openings. One can also compete for leadership roles in the associations and even compete for industry awards. All these benefits help build your professional profile. Another advantage of belonging to a professional organization is access to educational resources. Professional societies provide members with data and tools for their career progression. The data and tools can be found in the organization’s websites, webinars, and newsletters. It is much easier and quicker for one to access the association’s resources as opposed to developing your own.

Besides providing members with resources and networking opportunities, professional organizations play a very significant role in lobbying for industry interests and giving credibility. Politicians and governments make policies that may affect professionals either positively or negatively. It is the work of the professional association to provide advice to policymakers on issues affecting professionals or lobby for policies that are going to benefit members. Robert Ivy, the CEO of American Institute, gives a case example where the institution despite being small in number was able to influence the tax legislation.

Robert Ivy Executive Vice President and CEO of the American Institute of Architects understand too well the importance of professional associations. Robert Ivy has been at the helm of American Institute of Architects since 2011. Robert Ivy has achieved a lot as a professional architect. He has won numerous awards that include the Crain Award in 2009, the McGraw Hill Award in 1998 and was in 2010 named Master Architect by Alpha Rho Chi, the national architecture fraternity.

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Dr. Eric Forsthoefel’s non-urgent patients


One of the significant problems facing healthcare systems in the country is the overuse of emergency systems even in cases that do not require special attention. Below is an in-depth discussion of the situation as it is in the emergency rooms in Florida.

How big is the problem?

From research conducted in 2016 by well-equipped research institutions, the Harvard School of Public Health, the National Public Radio and Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, about one-third of Americans are admitted at the emergency rooms even when the situation at hand is not an emergency. Taking a few strides back, in 1990, similar research was conducted, and the outcome was the same. Further, the report showed that about 37% of all the cases that were claimed to be emergency were not emergency cases before the examination or after the doctor’s examination.

The State of Florida agrees with the national research concerning non-urgent visits to the emergency rooms. Mr. Aboraya, a health news reporter in Orlando, published a story on non-emergence visits to Florida. From the story, he managed to borrow a brain of Professor Blendon from Harvard. The professor said the almost one-third of the residents of the great city of Florida had misused emergency rooms in the past two years.

Emergency Doctor’s Opinion

As an emergency doctor, Dr. Eric Forsthoefel explained how he had witnessed most of such cases happening on a regular basis. In an interview conducted recently, Dr. Eric Forsthoefel expounded more on why there is such a problem. His opinion was that there is no access to primary medical facilities in the country. Therefore most people turn to the emergency rooms for medication. He said that despite the case, as doctors, they must provide the much-needed health care to the patients. Therefore, despite the state of the patient, either needing emergency care or not, they will be attended to by all the necessary hospital staff.

However, Dr. Eric Forsthoefel said of how non-emergency patients in the emergency rooms stretched their budget especially if there comes an emergency case that is supposed to be attended to urgently.

Class Dojo Is Creating More Engaging School Communities For Students And Parents

There are many companies out there that are trying to create new ways for kids to learn and enjoy their academic careers, but few have gone as far as Class Dojo to create a better classroom and schooling community for kids as well as their parents and teachers. Class Dojo has spent the last seven years expanding on their platform to help students at the elementary level build their communication. There aren’t many educational platforms on the market like Class Dojo because they focus on communication building and community building as the primary method of improving every student’s learning experience. Most other educational programs are designed at running student’s through courses to learn new information in specialized ways, which also comes at a cost.

Class Dojo has been free since it first launched, helping thousands of students all over the world today simply through their community building app. Class Dojo’s app is user-friendly for virtually anyone that participates in the learning experience, including children and those that are not tech savvy. Since the platform has spread all over the world today, helping student’s in classrooms a variety of different countries, Class Dojo offers support for over 30 different languages. Classrooms around the globe are steadily adopting the platform and more than two-thirds of all elementary schools in the US use Class Dojo.

Communication is one of the most difficult things to build when it comes to the education system since it requires a little more than a standard curriculum that most schools provide. Class Dojo provides parents with an easy way to stay connected to their students as well as their teacher at all times of the school day and even when school is not in session. Teachers can directly message parents through Class Dojo’s app to discuss schools events or their child’s progress. More importantly, improving communication for students, parents, and teachers will help them build closer relationships to form a community all around.

Vijay Eswaran Is Not Afraid To Take Risks

Vijay Eswaran is not afraid to take risks. He teaches this practice to others who are graduating from school and looking to enter into the workforce. Vijay understands that it is important for people to find their first job and establish themselves within industry. However, there are a number of variables in place that can shake up the situation. Technology moves at a fast pace. Many jobs will not be available for the person who achieved a degree or certificate in a specific field by the time they graduate.

It is important to gain experience. However, Vijay Eswaran teaches that new workers should look to create job opportunities as well as discover job opportunities. Specialists should look to to operate in the field of which a they are qualified. Part of this is deciding whether to work for a large operation or a small startup company. The work environment must match the person’s personality in order for the relationship to be successful.

There are major differences between startup companies and large firms. Each of them have their advantages and disadvantages to the new job seeker. A startup company has unique attributes because of its operating nature. Everything is new and growing. The new executive will have the opportunity to make a huge impact in a company that is expanding at a rapid rate. They will have a great deal of responsibility and little room to delegate certain tasks.

A large corporation on the other hand will have established policies in place. It will be a much simpler arena to operate in. However, change will be very slow if any. A new executive’s impact will be very small at the beginning.

New executives must buy into the vision statement of a small startup company. They will be directly involved in the shaping of the organization. Their influence will be intimately felt.

Vijay Eswaran is the Chairman of QI Group. His company is located in Hong Kong. Eswaran is originally from Malaysia. He is the son of a school teacher. Vijay’s father was a member of the Ministry of Labor. Vijay began his educational career in Europe at the London School of Economics. From there he earned an MBA at Southern Illinois University. This is where he was introduced to multi-level marketing.

Fortress Investment Group Makes iPass and SoftBank Deals

Fortress Investment Group has invested in a Wi-fi company called iPass. Fortress investors can be assured this is a smart investment. Riley Financial put the deal together. The funding given to iPass was $20 million, with $10 million to start concentrating on revenue and being more profitable. IPass is the worlds biggest Wi-fi network that gives continuously on Wi-fi access to hot spots for businesses and customers. They have access in excess of 64 million hot spots globally. This amount has exponential growth potential expected up to 340 million by the end of this year.

Fortress Investment Group has always set the course for returns in investing with proper risk assessment. Investing in iPass is a no-brainer since people are more and more on the go and taking their work with them. This is the wave of the future. Fortress Investment Group has a track record that shows its successful investing. The hedge fund went public in Feruary 2007, and 9 years later was managing $70.2 billion dollars in different assets. They were also given recognition as Institutional Hedgefund Manager of the Year” by the Institutional Investor magazine. Wi-fi is growing rapidly and a good investment for the prospective future. It is clear to see that Fortress Investment Group has the wisdom and foresight to invest in iPass.

In the light of Fortress Investment Groups history, it was obtained by SoftBank in December, 2017. Historically, SoftBank has also been known for acquiring creative tech start up companies. SoftBank was looking for a company like Fortress Investment Group that could function independently in New York. Softbank’s goal is to get out of debt financing and get more into private equity through expanding its horizons. Though many have questioned this deal, it will enable Fortess Investment Group to be a private company again. There will be many advantages for both companies. Fortress is an operating lender and equity partner in real estate and mortgage servicing rights, which gets SoftBank closer to its goal of private equity. The merging of these to companies will no doubt be profitable for all involved and invested.

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Rocketship Education CEO Calls For Higher Journalistic Standards

The difference between evidence and anecdotal evidence has been one of the major bugbears for millions of people across the world. Rocketship Education CEO, Preston Smith recently took on NPR over whether an article written by blogger Anya Kamenetz was accurate in reporting facts. The article focused on an interview with an unhappy Rocketship education parent and a parent who enjoyed their experience; within the article, the author claimed parents were leaving Rocketship Education locations due to unhappiness. Smith and many media experts stated the standard of reporting was low with little questioning of anecdotal evidence by the author.

The integrity of Rocketship Education and its CEO have rarely been called into question with the work completed seen as of a high standard. Rocketship Education has an advantage over other charter schools in the U.S. as its founders and main management team were working as educators in the public school system of San Jose, California when they established the charter school network. After creating the charter school system in 2006, Rocketship Education is now operating in 12 states and the District of Columbia.

In the NPR article, Anya Kamenetz raised a number of issues regarding the standards within the Rocketship Education schools network. Among those discussed was a question of whether the classroom environment at various locations was a healthy one conducive to learning. CEO Preston Smith believes the environment in Rocketship Education schools is an impressive one for learning in a safe and secure fashion with the policies of the school in line with those of the public education system. Higher Journalistic standards are required in the view of Preston Smith as the hyperbole surrounding the charter school movement is one which is not helpful for people educators or parents. Smith explains the learning environment in Rocketship Education schools is subject to campus-wide policies designed to offer the least disruption throughout each day.

Herbalife Sebastian Copeland

Sebastian Copeland Is an explorer, an award-winning photographer, an environmental activist, and he is also sponsored by Herbalife. Sebastian published his first book Antarctica: A Global Warning in 2007 and has won an award for the photographs published in this book. Copeland has also won awards for his features in National Geographic, Publishers Weekly, People, USA Today, and Larry King Live. some of his work also includes Hollywood movies, music videos, commercials, and photography in fashion.


With knowledge and experience in photography, Sebastian uses this platform as a medium for activism. His work helps people fall in love with their environment and helps them to appreciate beauty in the world. Personal commitment to the future of the environment has led him to other activities such as extreme sports, this medium allows for a larger viewing public.


Sebastian has led many expeditions to both polar regions, in an attempt to alert the most amount of people possible about the possible dangers our environment is facing in the near future. There is no doubt that Mr. Copeland is an ambassador for the world’s environment and he continues his effort to really make a difference, not only for this generation but for generations to come.

Copeland’s hard work and commitment requires him to focus on nutrition and the health of his body. Extreme sports require an immense amount of preparation both mentally and physically, Herbalife allows him the peace of mind, ensuring that he gets the right amount of nutrients to have energy during workouts and to be able to get a proper recovery in between workouts.


Herbalife nutrition develops supplements to help athletes and people who love to work out. The company started in 1980 and by 2016 they have grown some more than 5 billion dollars in sales across the world.


During the years the success of Herbalife expanded internationally to countries overseas and by 1996 the company had sales from 32 countries excluding the US. Even though the founder Mark Hughes died in 2000, the Company has been growing up to date and is one of the top establishments in the nutritional market.

OSI Food Solutions has Done Well in the Food Industry

OSI Food Solutions is a food company that is established in Aurora Illinois and is one of America’s top 100 food companies. The company started off as a market for meat that became famous for the high quality of meat they offered consumers. The moment it started distributing meat patties for undeveloped McDonald’s franchise, the company started growing fast as it products became accepted massively in the market.

Currently, OSI Food Solutions has employed more than 20,000 workers and has achieved sales of more than 46.1 billion every year which depicts its growth since inception. The company has become the primary provider of meat to various eatery joints such as Pizza Hut, Papa Jones, Starbucks and Subway which have branches all over the world. In that case, it means that the company has gone global and it as well as conducts business in China. Additionally, other than going global the company runs a few facilities in Illinois, Utah, Iowa and California where they produce and co-pack trademark name and private tag foods. Having been in existence since 1989, OSI Food Solutions has made significant strides to become a renowned food solutions company globally.

OSI Food Solutions is keen to identify what is in demand in the market and makes sure to bridge that gap by providing that product. The company, therefore, saw the need to increase their production of chicken by double as its demand has been noted to go up mainly in the joints where they do the supplies. To help achieve this increase, the company thought it wise to acquire Baho Food which is a company that supplies a range of convenience foods and deli meats in Europe. The fact that the company has processing facilities both in Netherlands and Germany means that it is strategically placed to solve the production crisis in those specific regions and the surrounding. In that case, OSI Food Solutions has always made informed decisions that have seen the company become successful in its dealings. The acquisition of Tyson Foods and Flagship Europe as well has boosted the company’s production which has helped it in maintaining its position in the food industry.

The Story of Louis Chenevert, A Production Management Expert Who Makes A Difference Whenever He Goes

Louis Chenevert was born and raised in Montreal, Canada. As a young man, Louis had many aspirations. He had a dream of becoming successful in producing something fast. This is something that he has lived to fulfill. A time came when Louis Chenevert joined HEC School of Business at the University of Montreal. While studying, he did not know what he’d become only that he exerted himself on the studies. With a Production Management Degree at hand, and hands on some of the freshest skills, Louis Chenevert landed a job at St. Therese Quebec General Motors branch with the help of a friend named Hachey.

It would turn later that Hachey developed fondness in Louis that whenever Hachey could be elevated in position, he ensured that his position would be replaced by Louis Chenevert. But this could not continue for long because after some time, the two men would depart to various sectors and later to different companies in a totally different industry. Hachey went to Bombardier Aerospace, while Louis could join Pratt & Whitney Canada.

While still at General Motors, Louis Chenevert helped the company expedite motor vehicle assembly and production because for a long time, he worked at the motor vehicle assembly line. In fact, he made things work faster. The branch would produce a new vehicle every single minute. But a time came when motivated by another friend; Louis Chenevert decided to test other waters. He wanted to join Hachey and Karl Krapek in the aerospace industry. This too proved a nice sector for him.

Louis Chenevert’s first job in the aerospace industry was in the production unit at Pratt & Whitney Canada, which specializes in the production of jet engines. This is a subsidiary of United Technologies Corporation, where his friend Karl moved to. It is while Louis Chenevert was here that his speedy production was fully recognized. When he joined PWC, this company that handles small aircraft engines would produce a single small engine in 2 years. Louis Chenevert was not satisfied with the sluggish pace things were taking place. Within a few months in office, PWC started to produce aircraft engines faster. During his tenure, it could take only 9 months for PWC to produce a new aircraft engine.

Roberto Santiago

Roberto Santiago is an ambitious entrepreneur, responsible for designing two of the largest shopping centers in Joao Pessoa: Manaira and Mangabeira Shopping, both of which are great leisure options in the capital.

The Manaira was the first great business of Mr. Santiago. This was a mall which was established in 1989 the month of November and soon fell to the graces of the residents and tourists who visited the area of João Pessoa. The mall is located in the Manaira district, which is why it is smartly named this and is specifically located between the town center and the beaches of the city, convenient for shoppers and consumers. The mall boasts over 280 stores in a total area of 75 thousand square meters. Stores which are included are categorized into adult fashion as well as kid’s fashion stores, sporting goods stores, banks, academies, amusement park, bowling alley, gourmet space, and food court. The mall also has an impressive concert hall.

The mall also has a highly popular movie theater and a place called the Game Station. The game station contains high-quality audio and video equipment, with over ten air-conditioned rooms. In reality, the Game Station is actually an amusement park that has over 200 machines for each and every gamer out there. It also includes an electronic bowling alley as well as a ballroom. The Domus Concert hall venue at the mall contains air conditioning and can seat about 4,000 people, with more than 10,000 people standing. It contains high-quality sound equipment, including VIP spaces. Many musicians and theatre performers perform here at this venue.

While the Mangabeira Shopping Center is the second most important shopping area in the area of Joao Pessoa. It contains both modern as well as Cosmopolitan-like architecture. It was established in November of the year 2014 and led to many new jobs in the area, not to mention a new place for recreation and rest for consumers or passers-by.

After the shopping mall first opened, it had more than half a million new customers/consumers, causing the store owners and job seekers to have a very positive outlook on the new shopping mall. This shopping mall boasts some of the highest consumers in the area. The mall is said to have helped transform the are of Mangabeira. Where there were once only houses, there is now many city center residential buildings, and many new shops that continue to grow around the shopping mall. All this helped contribute to the development of the area and helped it to grow.

Roberto Santiago, the man who started this mall, got his start at a cafe, namely: Café Santa Rosa, but then started his own carton company, and then got the idea for these malls.