Philip Belamant: The Man Behind the Payments Industry Disruptor

Philip Belamant is the mastermind behind a new payments industry disruptor shaking up the status quo. His company, Zilch, offers consumers an installment plan far more user-friendly than anything currently available. Traditional installment plans are notorious for being difficult to understand and use. Belamant’s solution? A payment platform allows consumers to make small monthly payments on what they owe without worrying about interest rates or late fees.

Philip Belamant was born in South Africa and had a long history in the payments industry. He is best known for his work at Visa, where he helped develop the credit card’s now-ubiquitous chip technology.

After leaving Visa, Belamant founded Neteller, an online payments company that was later sold to Optimal Payments for $700 million. With Zilch, Belamant is again shaking up the payments industry, this time with a solution that promises to make life easier for consumers.

Zilch’s installment plan is unique in that it does not accrue interest or late fees. This makes it much more affordable and manageable for consumers than traditional installment plans. Zilch offers a mobile app that makes it easy for users to keep track of their payments and ensure they are on track to pay off their debt.

This is a revolutionary concept that is quickly gaining traction with consumers. Zilch has already signed up tens of thousands of users in just a few short months. And Philip Belamant is just getting started. He has big plans to grow Zilch into a global payments powerhouse. With his track record of success, there’s no reason to doubt that he will achieve his goals.