QNET is t is a world-leading direct-selling company that can help you start your own business with the best products and training. It is a world-leading direct-selling company that has helped millions worldwide start their businesses. We are here to help you with our best products and training.

  1. Founders

Steve Waddington founded the company, it was awarded the Red Dot Award for Leadership by the World Marketing Council, and Bill Mitchell, a WACC Fellow and one of India’s leading international marketing trainers. Such dynamic, successful entrepreneurs have helped make QNET a successful company.

  1. Mission

Our mission is to help people discover and pursue their passion. We achieve this by providing products and training that give satisfaction and confidence to our customers, letting them find out their passion and achieve the life of their dreams.

  1. Products

QNET have the best products in the world, made of high-quality ingredients. They are designed to make you look and feel better while performing at your best and are formulated to provide maximum benefit without any adverse side effects. Customers can choose from over 9,000 varieties of product combinations and over 1 million colors and fragrances to suit their tastes and lifestyle.

  1. History

The company was founded in 1999 by Steve Waddington, born in the United States, and Bill Mitchell, born in India. The World Marketing Council has awarded Steve a Red Dot Leadership Award; Bill Mitchell is a WACC Fellow and one of India’s leading international marketing trainers.

We offer opportunities to many people, and our product range is ever-changing with the latest, most popular trends for gift hampers, gifts for kids, cosmetics, beauty products, and much more. We offer a range of exciting career options to suit you, such as retail salesperson, office management, and marketing consultant. These available jobs are in independent businesses in Australia that QNET members have set up. Refer to this article for additional information.


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