QNET Direct Selling Platform

The manufacturer creates a product in standard distribution chains and passes it through distributors, wholesalers, retailers, and the consumer. This chain Is not only time-consuming but also costly. Direct selling is a phenomenon that has enabled the exclusion of all intermediaries in selling products. This allows a manufacturer to sell directly to the consumer. Direct selling has proven advantageous since it has increased demand, reduced operating costs, and improved business-to-business networks. This has made working in huge markets become more accessible.

Marketing in direct sales follows three pathways which are:

Single Level Marketing

Under this marketing strategy, the seller focuses on creating a customer base. It allows the seller to operate in a smaller location by introducing good products, selling them, and getting feedback. The business can grow mainly through word of mouth and references. Increasing human resources to sales increases revenue but also increases operating costs.

Party Plan Marketing

Multi-Level Marketing works by inviting like-minded people to try out your products. For example, this can be done by a contest situation and the victor being awarded your product. Party plan marketing is beneficial since the product can be tried immediately and the experience shared. Direct selling has dramatically benefited from party plan marketers who bring their large networks on board, eventually boosting sales.

Multi-level Marketing

In this model, the direct seller sponsors individuals to sell the product instead of hiring employees. The interested candidates share the products via their networks, reaching many people in a short duration. This path is preferred for its low operating cost and ability to reach a wider audience.

Direct selling is attractive since it requires very minimal capital to start. QNET is India’s largest direct-selling company, with sellers of all ages, genders, and origins.

QNET sellers have benefited from employment from the platform. Visit QNET India eStore to explore health and wellness products, beauty range, and home and living products.

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