Successful businessman Krishen Iyer

Krishen Iyer is an Indian-born author and entrepreneur who, in his early twenties, founded a successful software company. His inspiring memoir will help you with your own journey towards success. Krishen has learned all the lessons along the way and shares them with readers in his new book, A Traveller’s Life: Seven Decades of Love and Loss in the World’s Turbulent Business Environment. 


No matter what stage you’re at in your life, we all seek the same thing – a lifetime of happiness, peace and love. There are steps we can take to move in that direction. Ever since Krishen Iyer was a boy, he wanted to travel the world. He was born in India to a family of modest means, but this did not stop him from pursuing his dream. 


When Krishen Iyer was 18 years old, he went on his first trip outside of India as an exchange student to England. He worked hard while he was there and saved up enough money to travel through Europe on his own after his classes were finished. Krishen spent one year living and working in Italy. 


He was determined to avoid the life of a “salaryman” and to make his own way. Images of Rome and Florence kept him going through a tough time, when Krishen Iyer felt as if he was on the fringe of society (Slideshare). 


After returning to England, Krishen Iyer went on to Australia with $5000. His goal was to travel throughout Asia, but at that time, the Cold War between East and West meant it was not possible for him to travel through the Soviet Union or China because they were not deemed safe places for a Westerner. He decided to focus on Thailand instead, and worked hard building a software company there.