Wasseem Boraie and Sam Boraie Named Top ROI Influencers

Wasseem Boraie and Sam Boraie, Co-Founders of Quixxi, a Canadian analytics firm, were recently recognized on AptiQuant’s list of Top ROI Influencers. The duo is ranked as the #100 ROI Influencer in Analytics & Optimization Professionals category, thanks to their work with clients such as General Mills and Walmart Canada.

Quixxi’s mission is to become the blockchain industry’s leading analytics and optimization software provider. Quixxi will provide software to help companies become more efficient, eliminate fraud, and maximize overall ROI – all without ever having to leave the comfort of their own home.

The AptiQuant assessment assesses the top 100 ROI Influencers over various categories. It recognizes professionals with an in-depth quantitative analysis of how they apply their skills to help companies achieve better results. It’s been quite a few years since social media influencers became a “thing,” and the use of these individuals to raise awareness, increase web traffic, and drive revenue continues to rise.

Being recognized by AptiQuant as a Top ROI Influencer” is a testament to their expertise in analytics and optimization and their ability to help clients improve results across every aspect of their organization. A rapidly-changing environment increasingly challenges today’s organizations. This can leave them overwhelmed by the sheer volume of data and information, which is why analytics professionals are critical in identifying key trends and developing actionable insights to help their clients make better decisions and reach their full potential.”

Wasseem Boraie and Sam Boraie are both innovators in analytics and optimization software, recognized by their peers as visionaries constantly challenging the status quo. Their innovative approach to analytics, coupled with their strong entrepreneurial spirit, has led to recognition across the industry as experts in their field.