Yubo Leads The Pack In The Future Of Online Safety

Yubo is a mobile app to make friends and access exclusive deals. It’s also the first company to integrate an online safety plan into the core of its business model.

With it, you get a strong suite of tools and features built into your social networking experience. You have everything from a risk-free chat feature to an in-app panic button aimed at keeping your interactions safe, private, and, most importantly, monitored.

  1. Founders

The Yubo app is the brainchild of Michael Callahan, Scott Kleinberg, and Patrick Moberg.

Moberg is the CEO of Yubo. Before founding Yubo, he co-founded a tech company and worked in corporate development for a global technology firm. Under his leadership, Yubo secured a $2 million seed round from blue-chip investors, including Comcast Ventures. Callahan serves as COO, and Kleinberg is Yubo’s CTO. Callahan and Kleinberg bring experience from some of the biggest technological names, including brands like Snapchat and Yahoo.

  1. Services Offered

It is currently the only mobile app that offers a comprehensive safety suite — from in-app awareness to respond to rescue. With it, you have the power to monitor and control all of your child’s contacts. We help you manage this in a few ways: First, you can approve or deny every request for communication that your kids receive through the app. Second, any message your kids receive will be sent to you if it includes keywords that concern you.

  1. Mass Appeal

You probably want to avoid your children connecting with random people online, so it makes it easy for you to decide who your kids are friends with by approving or denying contact requests. No matter how many requests a user sends, you will never see all of them, and you won’t be inundated with annoying notifications.

  1. Mission

Its mission is to help you give your children the freedom to explore the world around them, but with a safety net that provides peace of mind.

It is a safe & secure mobile app that lets you create user accounts and manage your children’s profiles. You can use it to filter out inappropriate contacts and messages. You can also add a set of verified people you trust to monitor their statements and restrict chats with other users.