Zaxby’s: Quickly Gaining as America’s Favorite Fast Food Chicken

While brands like “Chik-Fil-A,” “Popeye’s,” and “KFC” are likely to pop up when you ask the average person what their favorite quick-service restaurant (QSR) is when they are in the mood for something known for chicken, a growing number of Americans have started to turn toward Zaxby’s to satisfy their craving for white and dark meat.

While it is easy to just look at the annual earnings reports of the various QSR brands each year, you can gauge more information about just how many people are choosing a given brand to satisfy their cravings by looking at how many new users it adds to its mobile app every month.

When assessing the top brands of last year, it turns out that Zaxby’s grossly overtook the top 36 QSR brands in the country. Furthermore, this climb was quite a prodigious amount, representing a growth rate of 317% from 2021; the only other brands to exceed their growth rate by more than 100% were sandwich-focused Jersey Mike’s (176% growth) and the Mediterranean cuisine brand known as CAVA (130% growth).

Since such a surge in growth is hardly something that happens in isolation, it bears investigating why Zaxby’s has gained so many new fans. When considering the major shifts in the company’s strategy throughout 2021 into 2022, the biggest reason for the improvement would be the deep investment in its mobile app.

Initial enrollees of the brand’s “Zax Rewardz” app were entitled to a free meal that consisted of a small fountain drink, a small side of fries, a slice of Texas Toast, and a trio of the brand’s iconic “Chicken Fingerz,” with accompanying “Zax Sauce.” Even after users have redeemed their free meal, every dollar spent on orders earns 10 points that be cashed in for discounted pricing and free menu items.

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