Achievements of Andrea Riposati

Andrea Riposati is an entrepreneur, co-founder, and CEO of Dante Labs. The company he started seven years ago with Mattia Capulli. Under the leadership of the Italian founders, the precision and genomics medicine company has made analysis accessible and genome sequencing to consumers. The company has received huge success from its founder.

Expanding access to sequencing allows consumers to appreciate their genomes and the diseases they risk developing. He has also tackled issues associated with data interpretation. Dante Labs has started proprietary software to create customized reports that supplement genome sequencing results for their customers. The reports show the customers how to manage the risk of developing some conditions through a healthy diet, fitness choice, and lifestyle. The report is in Italian, English, and Germany. Dante Labs are planning to make reports accessible in many more languages.

Andrea Riposati has held various positions with different companies, including Chair and CEO of consulting company Muse Technologies, Senior manager at Amazon in New York and Seattle, Teaching at Harvard University, an associate at PwC Strategy&, Management and strategy consultant in healthcare, and digital at Booz Allen Hamilton among others. Andrea earned a master’s degree in Economics and Business at Bocconi University in Italy, and his master’s in MBA at Harvard.

Dante Labs serves customers worldwide who need to safeguard their welfare through investing in healthcare. Under the leadership of Andrea, the company has made a sequencing center, making sequencing solutions accessible. Riposati won the Dynamic Markets Competition. He also won EY Entrepreneur of the year, recognizing his efforts as the CEO of Dante Labs.

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