Bernard Acoca

Zaxby’s recently announced that co-founder and former CEO Zach McLeroy would take over as Chairman and Bernard Acoca would take over as CEO. Mr. McLeroy’s career at the company

Zaxby’s has grown dramatically since Bernard Acoca became president a year ago. His appointment as CEO demonstrates his dedication to the company’s growth and success, which has benefited immensely from his years of corporate leadership and strategic planning experience.

Mr. Acoca is a distinguished businessman with over 25 years of worldwide company leadership experience. Before joining Zaxby’s, he was EZCORP, Inc.’s President and COO. Before joining EZCORP, Acoca led RadioShack, Home Depot, and Kmart.

As Zaxby’s CEO, Acoca will pursue the company’s expansion strategy and oversee all commercial activities. He will also expand the company’s foothold in the quick-service dining market.

The nomination of Acoca as the Zaxby’s CEO has been met with enthusiasm, and the company is optimistic about its future under Acoca’s leadership. For example, former CEO and co-founder Zach McLeroy declared, “I am excited to take over as Chairman and hand over the reins to Bernard Acoca. His years of service, imaginative ideas, and relentless pursuit of success will benefit Zaxby. I believe that the company’s future is secure under his guidance.

Acoca is well-qualified to head Zaxby’s and aims to expand on the company’s success. He declared, “It is a fantastic honor to be the CEO of such a prestigious organization. I cannot wait to start working with Zach and the rest of the team to build on Zaxby’s already impressive success.

With Acoca in charge, Zaxby’s will do well. Since the company has faith in Mr. Acoca’s leadership skills and ability, everyone has been looking forward to him becoming CEO. Bernard Acoca, Zaxby’s new CEO, will grow the fast-casual restaurant chain and keep it competitive. He will also expand on the company’s capabilities and ensure excellent customer service. See this article for additional information.

Zaxby’s will thrive under Acoca. The Zaxby’s CEO’s experience and strategic vision will help the organization succeed under his leadership. Zaxby’s will remain a fast-casual leader under Acoca.


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