Bryan Legend’s Exceptional Work in The Cryptocurrency Space

Bryan Legend’s work in the decentralized finance field is incomparable. He is an influencer, investor, CEO of Vulcan Blockchain, and co-founder of OOXY Labs. As an entrepreneur, Bryan Legend chose to dive into the cryptocurrency space and expand the horizons for the world to see. In a tweet, he stated that his purpose is to make countless millionaires through the crypto field, and he already started this journey.

Bryan Legend is an Australian who dropped out of school three years before graduating. He entered the labor market and did various low-income jobs before joining the white-collar bracket. Legend has worked in digital marketing, transport, telecommunications, and security. His combined experience gave him the management and entrepreneurial skills he now manifests around Australia.

Through his initial sales jobs, Bryan Legend realized that he had a knack for negotiations. He told Forbes that he harnessed this ability and combined it with his passion for innovation and technology, leading him into the cryptocurrency arena. His first project was Safuu, and it came out excellently. This community-driven project increased people’s interest in decentralized finance and gave Legend the morale to move to his next project OOXY Labs.

When Legend birthed Vulcan Blockchain, he took the DeFi sector by storm. People could now invest without having to go through the regular financial channels. Blockchain allows people to develop smart contracts, invest in assets, ensure assets from risk, trade cryptocurrency, and earn interest on the principal. Direct peer-to-peer transactions also allow investors to run their projects without the interference of government, banks, or other financial institutions in Australia.

Bryan Legend also came up with the decentralized exchange(DEX) platform to provide anonymity and easy transactions. You do not need to know whom you trade with in Vulcan Blockchain or involve any third-party entities. This platform helps minimizes the risk of hacking or theft, thus guaranteeing the investors the security of their assets.

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