Colcom Foundation

Colcom Foundation is a philanthropic organization that supports important causes regardless of popular culture. The foundation’s benefactor was among the most generous supporters of women’s reproductive freedoms long before most Americans supported these rights. Colcom continues this legacy by promoting public dialogue on ecologically sustainable immigration policy, supporting physician aid-in-dying, and individual autonomy at the end of life.

Nationally, Colcom Foundation supports efforts that address the chief cause of the Sixth Mass Extinction – human overpopulation. The foundation’s work in southwestern Pennsylvania reflects its deep roots in the region; efforts focus on remediating environmental damage from a history of heavy industry and supporting the region’s rich cultural heritage.

The foundation supports national projects acknowledging the impact of human population growth on the environment. It is interested in carrying capacity and family planning. Population Media Center utilizes entertainment education and mass media to prevent unplanned and unwanted births, reducing birth rates globally. It also supports the conversation on sustainable immigration policy, which can stabilize and gradually decrease the US population, thereby shrinking its ecological footprint.

Colcom Foundation supports environmental and conservation projects in southwestern Pennsylvania. It is interested in activism, conservation, education and media, legal services, research, stewardship, waste diversion, and youth. For example, Tree Pittsburgh restores and protects the urban forest through tree planting, care, education, advocacy, and land conservation. The Foundation for Pennsylvania Watersheds invests in efforts to protect, preserve, and restore Pennsylvania’s water resources and watersheds. The Student Conservation Association offers year-round conservation opportunities to young people in Pittsburgh.

In addition, it supports projects that enrich and improve the quality of life in southwestern Pennsylvania. It is interested in arts and culture, community and economic development, education, health and human services, and the local environment. Scenic Pittsburgh protects, enhances, and promotes the scenic natural and built beauty of southwestern Pennsylvania. Community Kitchen Pittsburgh uses food as the foundation to change lives and strengthen communities, providing culinary training and career paths to individuals who experience barriers to employment.

In conclusion, Colcom Foundation supports various causes that address environmental sustainability, human overpopulation, and quality of life in southwestern Pennsylvania. Its funding interests encompass multiple areas, including family planning, waste diversion, stewardship, and youth, and it works with different organizations to achieve its goals. The foundation continues to carry on its philanthropic tradition by supporting important causes that popular culture may not embrace. Click here if you want to learn more.


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