Diogo Corona and His Investment, SmartFit

About Diogo Corona

The SmartFit director, Diogo Corona, is a Brazilian entrepreneur and angel investor. The 2019 appointment of Corona into Total Bass saw him serve as the CEO of the corporate wellness initiative. ZigPay is his latest investment. The Sao Paulo investor has a Business Education degree from Insper Institute.

Diogo’s weekday routine is almost the same. By 6:30 a.m., he is awake ready for his 45 minutes workout at the studios. Corona then returns for a shower and breakfast, ready to present himself to the office. With blue jeans and a grey shirt, he is in the office by 9 a.m., prepared for the day’s meetings. Corona takes his lunch in the office and leaves the office past 9 p.m. However, weekends are exceptional as he has to take his dogs for a walk and interact with family and friends.

According to the Brazilian investor, a business can only thrive through teamwork. Moreover, leaders have to lead by example. Corona leads the organization by example. For instance, he is the first to report to work and last to leave in the evening. Moreover, he brainstorms and strategizes with his team, who are always ready with brilliant ideas.

About Smart Fit

Smart Fit is a fitness franchise based in Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Dominican Republic, Peru, and Mexico. While at the Insper Institute, Diogo Corona joined Smart Fit for an internship. After graduation, Corona continued working for the outfit, serving in executive positions, such as planning manager, executive director, Chief Operating Officer, and expansionist analyst. As the COO, Corona is tasked with pricing, expansion, and financial planning.

The fitness program incorporates traditional fitness approaches with technology to reach many clients. The programs are personalized, with individual coaches attached to specific clients. However, participants connect through a community-building environment.

The holistic program enables coaches to analyze goals and track client progress. As a result, motivation increases, and a sense of belonging attitude is enhanced.

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