Don Manifold and Adelaide’s Manifold Advisory Partners

After years working for others in the accounting field and related businesses in a variety of positions, Don Manifold decided to break away and open his own firm. In 2018 he created Manifold Advisory Partners in Adelaide, Australia.

The organization provides a wide range of services to clients in Adelaide and beyond. Among the offerings he provides to his clients are services such as:
• Capital Reduction
• Take overs
• Buy backs

In order to help businesses, succeed in their major transactions, Manifold Advisory Partners conducts research and provides a full range of necessary business reports. The completeness and accuracy of these documents helps client businesses make the best possible decisions and high-level corporate operations and actions.

Included in the kind of reports Manifold Advisory Partners provides to its clients include:
• Valuations of the client business and also that of the proposed acquisition
• An in-depth analysis of the transaction proposed.
• A comprehensive summary and analysis of the industry itself and the competition within it
• The reasons why or why not the transaction would be good for the client, his business and shareholders.

Don Manifold is an expert in hid field due partially to the positions he has held during his career and before creating Manifold Advisory Partners. From the start he acquired accounting expertise in a large variety of specialized areas. These areas include but are not limited to:
• Preparation of business valuation documents
• Mergers
• Acquisitions
• Divestments

Within his field Don Manifold has earned a reputation as the one to go to provide the services needed by companies in any deal involving his areas of expertise. Adelaide’s favorite son represents the best in his field.

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