Don Manifold Continues Helping Business Grow and Expand Through Manifold Advisory

Don Manifold is an expert in divestments, mergers, and acquisitions. He has worked in more than three countries and has been part of mergers and acquisitions valued at more than $3 billion. As Joint Managing Director of Equity & Advisory, he has helped businesses create more than $25 billion through his consulting services.

For three decades now, Don has always had an eye for the next business opportunity. His goal is to help as many businesses grow and generate wealth and help people realize their dreams in the business world. He spent 25 years in corporate finance where he wanted to understand cash flow and also served in senior leadership positions.

He has worked with companies in tens of industries, thereby garnering the experience and skills needed to offer professional business consulting services in Adelaide and beyond.

Don Manifold is an alumnus of Flinders University where he left in 1991 with a degree in Bachelor of Economics. He later joined Australian Graduate School of Management to study master’s in business administration. Don started working in 1990. He later traveled around the world and came back the Adelaide in 2006.

Upon coming back, he worked for KMPG for 6 years. He founded Manifold Advisory Partners and later, in 2018, joined Equity & Advisory as a managing partner. Through these two companies, he has worked with companies in Papua New Guinea, England, and Croatia. The businesses provide advice to private businesses helping them in divestures, mergers and acquisitions, valuations, and strategic reviews.

In his many years advising businesses, Manifold has helped several businesses. He was part of the transactions involving ABB Grain, Adelaide Bank, S. Kidman & Company, and Powerhealth where he oversaw sales and acquisitions. He has also been part of several advisory boards and helped so many businesses. Refer to this page for additional information.