Edgard Corona: The Gateway to Business and Fitness Sucess

Edgard Corona is the founder and CEO of Smart Fit. He has over 30 years of experience in the fitness and training industry. Most of the success of Mr. Edgard’s experience in the fitness sector has been attributed to his innovative and hardworking nature. A strategy Edgard Corona has come to exercise is investing in human relationships in business. From the workforce to the customers, Mr. Corona has maintained a persistent way of fostering good relationships with business stakeholders. His main focus in Smart Fit is developing a strong team that fosters change, teamwork, and cohesion.

Therefore, Edgard has welcomed a diversity of ideas and opinions in his company. He appreciates all meaningful input in the business and sees complementing ideas as a path to new business opportunities. The man is spearheading his team toward the creation of new products and services. The biggest notion he is getting across the organization is that diversity of opinion is the pathway to success.

His business has become one of the largest fitness groups in Latin America. Edgard has a well-connected network of gyms and fitness centers all over the country, making Smart Fit a highly reputable firm all over the country. Did he achieve all this single-handedly? He answers these questions in a recent interview where he explains how cultural recalibration has helped his company succeed. He advocates businesses meeting with investors to help their firms grow internationally.

Thirdly, putting the consumer at the center of the business strategy is one of the top benchmarks entrepreneurs should emulate. Edgard Corona has reaped the positive results of putting yourself in the customer’s shoes. He says that in the fitness training business, doing exercise is not knowing exercise. One has to know their clients to know exercise and do the correct exercise that suits their lifestyle or workout needs. Finally, stepping out of your comfort is the gateway to transformation. Edgard Corona advocates for constant motivation towards positivity and embracing change in your fitness journey.