Everything You Need to Know About Tom Keane

Tom Keane is the vice president of Anduril Industries. Before that, he served as the corporate vice president for Azure Global, head of industry clouds, and head of global infrastructure and digital sovereignty at Microsoft from November 2012 to August 2022. He pioneered an engineering team to create Microsoft’s Azure cloud computing technological basis. This enabled country-wide adoption spanning out to each industry and customer in the universe. 


In 2021, Tom Keane won the WashingtonExec award by being named Cloud Industry Executive of the year among the public company’s features. He notes that some key achievements include launching and developing a range of devices that impact capabilities, launching Azure Government Top private cloud regions, and launching Azure Government Secret. While at Microsoft, Tom Keane wrote blogs posted on the Microsoft Azure website, such as:


Azure Government Top Secret available for US national defense missions


Tom Keane On Aerospace Engineering

Microsoft has worked with the US government to create a cloud platform that empowers leaders in the Intelligence Community (IC). 


Tom Keane recalls that also Federal Civilian agencies, and the Department of Defense (DoD) to securely create the mission requirements with data classifications and an on-premises cloud to the tactical edge (Twitter).


Launching over 60 services will accelerate the distribution of security workloads for the US Top Secret level. They intend to build a merged data strategy for anywhere missions. The services assist human analysts in identifying anomalies and trends, extracting intelligence, discovering new insights, and broadening perspectives. Tom Keane finally adds that to support the digital transition, Microsoft conveys cybersecurity skills and cloud services at no extra cost for US Government customers.