Haroldo Jacobovicz: Revolutionizing the Tech Landscape with Innovation

Haroldo Jacobovicz, the pioneering founder of Arlequim Technologies based in Curitiba, Brazil, is revolutionizing the tech landscape through his innovative solutions and forward-thinking approach. In this captivating interview, we explore Jacobovicz’s entrepreneurial journey, his impact on the industry, and his commitment to pushing the boundaries of technology.


Jacobovicz’s journey began with a passion for technology and a drive to make a difference. Through his companies, the e-Governe Group and Arlequim Technologies, he has redefined management systems and propelled the digital transformation of public agencies. By creating secure and reliable solutions, Jacobovicz has streamlined processes, improved efficiency, and elevated the standard of service in the public sector.

In response to the challenges brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic, Jacobovicz once again showcased his innovative mindset. He founded Arlequim Technologies and introduced the Arlequim Virtual Computer—an unparalleled desktop service that empowers users with high-performance machines and ultra-speed internet. This game-changing solution optimizes costs, extends the lifespan of personal computers, and adapts to the evolving needs of businesses and individuals.

Jacobovicz’s success can be attributed to his ability to identify real-world problems and develop innovative solutions that address them. His deep understanding of technology and civil construction has allowed him to stay ahead of the curve and offer cutting-edge services. Jacobovicz’s customer-centric approach ensures that his solutions meet the needs and exceed the expectations of his clients.

Reflecting on his journey, Jacobovicz emphasizes the importance of continuous learning and staying well-prepared. He encourages aspiring entrepreneurs to invest in education, pursue advanced degrees, and embrace international experiences. By keeping abreast of the latest trends and acquiring diverse knowledge, individuals can navigate the dynamic tech landscape with confidence.

Outside of his professional endeavors, Jacobovicz finds inspiration in everyday moments and the joy of travel. He values the simple pleasures of life, such as savoring a cup of coffee or embarking on new adventures. These experiences fuel his creativity and provide fresh perspectives that drive his innovative thinking.

Haroldo Jacobovicz’s relentless pursuit of innovation is reshaping the tech landscape. Through his visionary leadership and commitment to pushing the boundaries of technology, he continues to set new standards and inspire others in the industry. With his unwavering dedication to creating impactful solutions, Jacobovicz is revolutionizing the way we live, work, and interact in the digital age. Haroldo Jacobovicz’s: Facebook Page.